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“What is your design style?”

It’s a question I get asked all the time, especially when I’m meeting with clients for the first time. And it’s one of the most important questions to ask when you begin working with an interior designer. After all, you are looking for someone to design your home, your sanctuary. A place to build a beautiful legacy for years and generations to come. It’s critical that you and your designer are on the same page.

This bright, bold and contrasting bedroom epitomizes the Classically Current style at Ohorona24.in.ua

At Ohorona24.in.ua, we don’t prescribe to a specific interior design style, like traditional, bohemian, or country chic. Instead, we approach each project with a Classically Current viewpoint, a timeless take on our clients’ passions, collections, and tastes. The most beautifully designed home is one which showcases your personality in bright, bold, and contrasting luxury.

Whether it’s collecting art, traveling, raising a family, or entertaining friends, you have your passions and your space should reflect that. Your interiors should be designed to share your life’s story through a collection of thoughtfully curated moments. This is what Classically Current means at Ohorona24.in.ua – finding inspiration in the past and innovating that look into something fresh and timeless.

A timless, Classically Current bathroom pairs neutrals and metals

My Approach to Design

My love for interior design started at a young age. I had a passion for organizing things (yes, I loved rearranging my bedroom!) and watched my father build two of my childhood homes. It really is amazing to see a home come together. I realized that it was possible to first, build your own home, and second, create a space with intention and meaning.

I decided to learn the technical aspects of how architecture and interior design work together. I pursued a BA and an MA in architecture to understand the design rules before I began my career in residential interior design. The tectonic nature of it, knowing how all the parts fit together to tell a story fascinated me. I come back to my architecture background in every project because great residential design considers not only the interiors, but also the surrounding environment, natural light, and architectural function.

Maybe that’s why I love a good renovation! My Real Estate Agent really loves me for that…

Classically Current style blends the past with the present, as in this modern hi-rise bedroom


Function and beauty are equally important to a timeless design, like this master

As an interior designer, I understand the rules of design and I respect those rules. But I also know when to break them. At Ohorona24.in.ua, we focus on designing bold, bright, contrasting spaces mixed with splashes of color. My interiors are always client-centric and site-specific. My design philosophy is to create Classically Current spaces that seamlessly blend art, structure, and functionality.

Above all else, they showcase the personality of the people residing within them.

Black and white geometric rug against a colorful art piece: a timeless combination.

Elements of Classically Current Design

Color, contrast, and visual symmetry are the three defining characteristics of a Classically Current design. Each design starts with “tension” that comes from opposing color combinations,
such as black and white or cream and gray. Then an “activator”, a color I believe every space has, is added in. This “activator” breaks up the contrast with something bold and undeniably luxe. The next step is to incorporate elements that create parallel symmetry to balance the design.

But interior design isn’t just about what’s in your home. It’s about the home’s bones: the way the space flows, the lines of sight and the lighting.

Clean lines draw the eye back, and in this case, to the natural light outside.

As we develop each design, we ensure the space has a good flow, lots of light and capitalizes on the natural views. In order to create the best lines of sight, it’s important to utilize the windows and natural position of the home. This understanding allows us to select the best furnishings and accessories to tell the client’s story.

Modern can be timeless with a neutral color palette against a colorful pop, like in this modern kitchen.

The Ohorona24.in.ua Process of Design

Developed over the course of 10 years, The Process of Design is my unique approach to interior design. It uses a combination of observation, visualization, and curation to create singular
interiors for our clients all over the world. The process focuses on understanding your design aesthetic, personal values, and passions to curate interiors that reflect your tastes and lifestyle.

Each project starts with an in-depth discussion to learn more about your style, design needs and the overall space plan of your home. Then the Ohorona24.in.ua team creates a room-by-room concept statement to guide the project. The design ideas are presented, revisions are made and you select your final design.

Beautiful tting area mixes textures in the form of metal, wool, and hide.

Once the final design has been selected, our in-house procurement team orders the necessary furnishings and accessories. Depending on the scale of the project, our team will spend 1 to 5 days installing everything. Then we celebrate the big reveal! We unveil your new interior and welcome you to your
new home with a bubbly toast.

Classically Current Interior is Timeless

There are six main interior design styles: contemporary, traditional, transitional, glamorous, modern, and bohemian. Though each style is inherently and sometimes drastically different, they can be timelessly tilted through a Classically Current lens. By intentionally incorporating specific design elements, any interior can be transformed into
something timeless and always in style.

Symmetry is a common component of Classicall y Current design, as in these mirrors.

Here are the 5 Classically Current principles we use to make any interior design style timeless:

Wool paired with silk, glass and natural stone is a textural wonderland.

1. Utilize a variety of textures

Incorporating lots of texture is a fabulous way to add visual depth and dimension to your design. However, it’s important to make sure the textures aren’t fighting with each other for attention. I like to mix luxe materials like silk and leather with earthy ones like wool and wood to create a balance. Rugs, drapery, and custom upholstery can pull together a room like a great work of art when you get the textures right.

Less is more in this bedroom which exudes luxurious simplicity.

2. Keep thinking: less is more

When it comes to colors, patterns or mixed metallics, less is more. Don’t get me wrong – I love dramatic maximalism too! But when you rely on the simplicity of an heirloom-quality piece as the focal point, a room will easily exude drama and glamour. Overdoing a mix of colors or patterns without thoughtful consideration of them as a collection can make a design feel unbalanced. I like to use the analogy of a French capsule wardrobe. Five well-made, luxury pieces will always look more timeless than 500 mismatched trends.

Don't be afraid to incorporate something shiny into your home! Mixed metals do work .

3. You can never go wrong with a touch of metal

One of the simplest ways to make a space more luxurious is to add a touch of metal. Whether it’s copper accents in your kitchen, a geometric sculpture on your bookcase or a gold light fixture, metallics are always in style. And don’t be afraid to mix them. Silver and gold can happily live in the same space when tied together by an accent rug or pillow with similar hues. I also like to use metals in unexpected places (like a range hood or sink) and against natural elements like stone, wood, and glass.

Balanced neutrals are a rounding force to the color in this room.

4. Balanced color palettes are timeless color palettes

All Classically Current designs include neutral colors in the color palette. I particularly like to contrast neutrals, like black and white or the less stark cream and gray as a base. These grounding neutrals won’t go out of style and provide the perfect backdrop for any timeless design. By pairing neutrals with colorful activators, it adds personality, depth, and dimension. Rooms bombarded with tchotckes and trinkets, with the intention of adding personality, often end up looking cluttered. When you have a grounding neutral palette, you can incorporate colors and lose the non-functional decor.

Classically Current often blends masculine and feminine styles. The key is balance.

5. Blend masculine and feminine styles

Functional yet stunning interiors that perfectly balance masculine and feminine styles are timeless. The combination is captivating to all the senses. Compromise a dark and moody room with a touch of blush in a soft velvet. Pair heavy, angular console tables with curved glass or clean lines with organic, free form shapes. This is especially true for master retreats where couples need a design that speaks to their romance and compatibility.

No matter what your interior design style is, you can have a home design that’s timeless and always in style. Your home is about you. We focus on your style and tastes to design interiors
that are uniquely tailored to your lifestyle, collections and personal joys. Our goal with each residential interior design project is to intentionally and purposefully tell your story throughout your home.

Powder rooms fo the win! You can never go wrong with black and white wallpaper.

Whew! That’s a lot to take in! Our design philosophy at Ohorona24.in.ua is central to everything we do, so I could probably go on and on. If you don’t mind me rambling about all the wonderful projects past, present, and future, . Til next time!


Ohorona24.in.uamansky is a story-teller at heart. Her unique perspective and tailored design process empower her to create singular interiors for clients all over the world.

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