Yes, you read that right! This week marks our ten-year anniversary and I couldn’t be happier! I know I have said it before, but I can’t reiterate enough how fortunate I am to work with such a talented team; there is just no way that Interior would be celebrating ten successful years without them. Over the last ten years, we have had the privilege of working on amazing projects spanning the entire country (and beyond), we have collaborated with fabulous clients to create beautiful homes, and – with our wonderful vendors – we have pushed the envelope with our designs. Above all, we have grown as a team and as designers.

In the spirit of celebrating a decade of designs, I took a trip through the archives to re-discover some of my favorite designs throughout the years.

Over-sized living room designs


Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? I love looking back at photos from past projects and seeing how much has changed. One of my very first projects was a high-rise in Houston’s Uptown neighborhood. We designed the space for a bachelor and it had a contemporary theme. Although my designs have adapted over the years, this is still one of my favorite projects. There is something beautifully simple about the space and you couldn’t ask for better views of Houston!

high rise design ideas


In 2008, I had the pleasure of redesigning the Randall Davis headquarters (this was still in my commercial design days!). We went with a classic and glamorous look for the marketing directors domain (below) but made sure to add a little drama by outlining the cabinet doors with black trim and glitzy overhead lighting. I admit, I was channeling Dorothy Draper here!

office design ideas


My favorite 2009 design doesn’t need much by way of an introduction. I absolutely LOVE the effortlessness of this room! For this guest house in Houston’s Bellaire neighborhood, we focused on creating an inviting oasis by softening the dark wood floors with a sea of white, cream and ivory hues. Not to mention, the gorgeous canopy bed frame with sheer drapery adds instant lux to the space.


This Uptown high-rise project was one of my favorites to work on in 2010, because I was able to collaborate closely with my pop art collecting client – we had so much fun with it. With a contemporary and colorful theme in mind, we maintained a gallery-like feel for her artworks, but the space is anything by stark. We incorporated bright and rich tones to serve as the perfect complement to the nearly all-white palette.

Modern high rise ideas


Hands down, the space below is one of my all-time favorites! I am still completely obsessed with this room (by Houston Architecture firm Curtis and Windham): the height and intricate detailing on the ceiling, the gorgeous crystal chandelier, all the beautiful jewel tones, unique tile pattern and stunning moulding all come together to create a look that stuns six years later.

Black and white tile floor


My favorite design in 2012 is the uber-contemporary living space below. I love the open floorplan, which created the ability to capitalize on the natural light by allowing the double-height windows to serve as the primary source of light. I am always thrilled to add healthy doses of color to a design and what better way to do that than infusions of canary yellow on a monochromatic palette? The copper pendants (by Tom Dixon) above the dining table are still a team favorite!

Modern living room ideas


The project below is one of my favorites because it presented a challenge since the living room was an elongated space. Rather than creating one centralized design, we divided the room into two separate areas to create a multi-functional entertaining space with plenty of room for guests to watch TV on one side and enjoy conversation on the other. My favorite part of this space is the client’s collection of large-scale framed photography, which creates beautiful movement in the room and unites both sitting areas.



I don’t think I will ever stop loving this gorgeous home or this stunning room! Plus the homeowners were a total dream to work with! Everything about this space makes it an all-time team favorite: from the h seating to the gorgeous marble bar and the stunning gold chandeliers, this design is certainly one for the books.

Over-sized living room designs


This romantic bedroom below still makes its way into my head when I’m looking for design inspiration. I especially love the contrasting addition of dark throw pillows to the bed alongside the softer tones and touches of pale pink. Cushy furniture and gold details add the perfect luxurious elements to the space.

romantic bedroom designs


It’s time for my final favorite project reveal, which goes to the mid-century modern project below. I absolutely love the glitz and glam of the living space, not to mention the original unique wall design around the fireplace – a bit of architectural detail adds so much character to a home!

glam living room designs

Well there you have it, folks! Ten years narrowed down into ten of my favorite designs. I had a great time looking back at past designs, remembering where I was in my life at that exact moment and seeing how far we have come – WOW! None of it would have been possible without my amazing team, clients, vendors and partners – to all of you, I am truly grateful for the support and continuous inspiration. Now…Onward to the next 10 years. Can’t wait to see what’s next! For more design inspiration follow us on Instagram and Pinterest.

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