In 2006, founded her award-winning interior design firm, Interior. We create interiors that thoughtfully reflect the beauty of a life well-lived.

How we work

Laura leads a dynamic interior design firm that focuses on high-end residential projects around the world. Known for their innovative and timeless designs, the team has been featured in Luxe, Veranda, Rue Magazine, the Houston Chronicle, and many more.


Grounded in the philosophy that your home is where a family builds its legacy, the Interior firm thoughtfully balances observation and curation to create singular interiors for their clients. “We focus on collections,” says Laura. “What you choose to bring into your home must mean something, and we create interiors that are reflective of what matters to you.”


Laura’s design process is centered on discovering what her clients value, learning what brings them personal joy, and then weaving those details throughout each space to tell their story. After the initial design consultation, each client meets their own Lead Designer and Design Assistant. They work together to create timeless, inspired spaces that bridge the gap between high-end design and functional living.