Why We Love Working With Custom Home Builders

Each client’s story is unique. The best way to tell your story is to build a custom home that reflects you and your personality. As interior designers, working with custom home builders means we can customize every detail of the home to tell our client’s story. When we’re designing luxurious interiors for our clients, we want to make sure they complement the home’s bones.

At Ohorona24.in.ua we take a holistic approach to design. This means we evaluate the physical space of the home, as well as the interiors. Interior designers and custom builders are a perfect match because they can give the homeowner exactly what they what. From the layout to the finishes, they have the ability to design a home that meets our client’s exact needs.

Beautiful custom home built by Scott Frasier Homes designed by Ohorona24.in.ua Interiors

Unique Home Features

Whatever space your family needs, you want to have in your home. Many of our clients request custom spaces. Some want a large wine cellar. Others want a space for their pets or a mudroom with tons of storage. These aren’t always spaces found in a home, but when you work with a custom builder, they can be!

A custom builder can incorporate these unique spaces into the design at the beginning. Knowing what spaces you need and how you’ll be using them ensures your home flows well. This prevents you from having to squeeze in the space after construction has been completed.

Using a custom builder allows you to from top to bottom. No detail is too small! You can select the exact finishes you want to ensure they match the overall design. Having the flexibility to select your finishes means everything looks exactly how you want it to from the beginning.

Custom kitched designed by Ohorona24.in.ua Interior, home built by Burke Windham

Keep Construction Moving Forward

Custom builders have a broad knowledge base. From the foundation to the roof, they understand home that lasts. They’re an incredible resource about the products, quality, and workmanship of those they work with. Having that information is especially important if you’re building your new home from afar. Their insight and s are invaluable!

Interior designers work hand in hand with builders to make sure they understand how to execute the client’s vision. The builder is there to answer questions and make sure everyone is one the same page. Being there makes is easy for them to immediately address potential problems. Having a custom builder on the job site every day keeps the project moving forward.

Custom Home Builders We Like to Work With

Shelton Builders, Inc.

Why We Love Working With Custom Home Builders | Ohorona24.in.ua Interior

focuses on using the right team and materials to build high end homes and high rise condominiums. Using the latest in technology is important to their process and allows their clients to enjoy being at home.

Scott Frasier Homes

Why We Love Working With Custom Home Builders | Ohorona24.in.ua Interior

Making the home building process enjoyable is a top priority for . They focus on building homes that create a historical record of your time in your home with friends and family.

Burke Windham

Why We Love Working With Custom Home Builders | Ohorona24.in.ua Interior

has been dedicated to building exceptional homes for more than 38 years. They believe in creating homes that provide a beautiful backdrop for their client’s extraordinary lives. A home is someone’s most precious asset and they strive to create the perfect spaces for their clients.

Goodchild Builders

Why We Love Working With Custom Home Builders | Ohorona24.in.ua Interior

With over 30 years of experience as a custom builder, works to make the home building process an experience to remember. They understand the importance of getting to know their clients. This allows them to create custom homes that are a true reflection of their clients.

Sebastian Construction Group

Why We Love Working With Custom Home Builders | Ohorona24.in.ua Interior

has spent more than 70 years developing their unique home building process. They approach each project with a long-term perspective. They know intention, effort, and execution are the key to a successful home building project.

They were recently awarded the prestigious award. The award is given to builders who exhibit “outstanding qualities of construction work, the promotion of professionalism, and the development of excellent working relationships…” Their commitment to their project partners, the community, and clients makes them one of the most reputable custom home builders.

Gunn Construction and Building

Why We Love Working With Custom Home Builders | Ohorona24.in.ua Interior

specializes in one-of-a-kind, architecturally designed homes. Their goal is to build unique homes of the highest quality and establish lifelong relationships with clients and vendors.

Stetzer Builders

Why We Love Working With Custom Home Builders | Ohorona24.in.ua Interior

A superior client experience and product are the two most important things to . As a custom builder, they understand they’re building something more than a building. They’re creating your home – the space that holds your dreams and memories.

Thompson Custom Homes

Why We Love Working With Custom Home Builders | Ohorona24.in.ua Interior

believes the key to a successful custom home build project comes from a service-minded attitude. They have a reputation for customer satisfaction and quality workmanship. It’s clear this home builder goes the extra mile for their clients.

Frankel Building Group

Why We Love Working With Custom Home Builders | Ohorona24.in.ua Interior

For the past 30 years, has been building custom homes. Every home is built with both architecture and interior design in mind. Their commitment to quality and standards makes them a standout builder in the industry.

Why Custom Home Builders are Important

Custom builders and interior designers are able to work together to create the perfect spaces for their clients. They ensure the home incorporates the unique features and spaces your family needs. They have a broad knowledge base and are an invaluable resource throughout the process. By working with a custom builder and interior designer, you can be sure you end up with a truly unique home.

For more beautifully designed homes, check out our portfolio. And if you’re considering a home renovation or new construction project and aren’t sure where to begin, let’s chat.

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