When it comes to setting the tone of the room, do you want it to feel relaxing, vibrant or modern? Paint is definitely one way to set the mood and ambiance in a room but, for a truly unique look, you can use tile with a fun grout color. There are just so many options! What should you consider when selecting your tile and grout color? We chatted with Alison Dominguez from to get the inside scoop on what to think about when making your selections.

“There are several factors to consider. Probably 2 of the main things to think about when selecting grout is the look you are trying to achieve and on-going maintenance. Whether you want a contrast or just want to grout to blend and not be seen, this is a grout color decision. With the gray and white trends now, I am seeing the contrast of white subway tile with gray grout. Also, maintenance is a big consideration. There are many color-consistent, stain, mold, and mildew resistant grouts on the market that make cleaning and maintaining grout much easier than in the past.”

Go Monochromatic

Using the same color tile and grout creates a seamless installation. Tile outlines seem to blend together and you can be sure this combo will never go out of style. A more traditional monochromatic color choice like white on white makes the space feel open and airy. Different shaped tiles keep the tile work visually interesting.


Monochromatic: White tile / white grout – via


One thing to keep in mind is that lighter colored grout requires more cleaning. For a grout color that doesn’t require as much maintenance, go for something darker. We love this gorgeous navy on navy look. It turns the wall into a piece of art and makes the space feel more intimate.


Monochromatic: Navy terracotta tile / navy grout – via



Add Splash of Color

Maybe you’re looking for something with a little more contrast. Try a classic color combo like black and white with a bold twist. Opt for a dark gray or black grout color with a white subway tile or black hexagon tile. It gives a moodier and modern vibe to the space while still feeling classic and chic.


Contrasting: Black tile / white grout – via


As much as we love black and white, sometimes you need a little splash of color. A colored tile is a great way to pull in other complimentary colors you’re using in the space. This soft hued blue-gray tile with a neutral grout plays off the colors in the rug, but doesn’t busy the eye. Choosing a neutral grout also helps to make smaller spaces feel more open.


Complimentary: Blue-gray tile / neutral grout – via


Just like a touch of paint can change the feel of a space, grout can make the same kind of statement. So whether you’re dreaming of something more classic and traditional or thinking about something bold and colorful, we would love to partner with you bring your dreams to life. For more design inspiration, be sure to check out our .

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