I am heading to the fall High Point Market THIS weekend, and I am beyond excited to see what my favorite vendors and designers have in store for the new season! As a member of the Style Spotter team, I’m charged with choosing my favorite pieces and designs at the Market (be sure to follow along to see what I discover). As usual, my anticipation got the best of me, and I decided to get a bit of a head start on checking out the fab creations of some of the brilliant designers preparing to roll out new collections at the event.

As we enter into the final countdown to High Point Market, I have partnered with three fab vendors to give you sneak peeks of their new creations all week long!

First up, are the stunning pieces by one of my of my long-time favorites and partner for one of my Market Trend Tours, Julian Chichester. The designs and collections always impress, and the team was nice enough to give me a peek at what they plan to reveal at Market.

Inspired by English and European design, it’s as if the pieces in this collection were made for my Classically Current style. Julian Chichester is known for its quality craftsmanship and original design, but the detail and unusual finishes are what set the designs apart from the crowd. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind piece, all items can be custom-made to build a completely bespoke model. From the size to the finish, you can make your piece uniquely you.

Take a look to see what Julian Chichester has in store for this season’s High Point Market and a preview of what we’ll discover during my Trend Tour!


Amalfi Sofa 

I’m a big believer in blending fabulous designs with functionality, and I love how this curvilinear sofa achieves both in one piece.

Resting on Gio Ponti-inspired brass legs, this item is perfect for a cocktail party, but comfortable enough for everyday lounging. For example, the lines embrace mid-century style while adapting the proportions for everyday living, and it fits well in a formal setting or can be dressed down for a more casual environment.


Carlo Side Table

Moving on to one of my favorite categories – side tables! I love a unique side table, and I even wrote an entire post about them (see here), so when I saw the Carlo Side Table, it became an instant favorite. The eccentric, sculptural features and thick, textured top make it the perfect addition to enhance a classic interior with an updated, yet distressed, style.

The form is finished in bronze, burnished to a lustrous, dark-brown sheen. The technique of finishing in actual bronze metal gives the appearance of a cast bronze piece without the tremendous cost or weight – love!


Eglomise Placemats-Plover Bird

This Eglomise Placemat features a whimsical, vintage style with fabulous detailing that I absolutely love. The collection features a variety of antique illustrations of aviary and fish realized in gold leaf.

Fun fact: The French term, eglomise, meaning “gilded glass,” is a decorative silver leaf technique with a mirror finish. Julian Chichester reintroduced it to the market in the 1990’s and can now be found just about anywhere!


Goya Mirror Black 

I wish I could have this mirror in my living room now so that I can include it in my classic, fall-ready interior design! It was inspired by a stately entryway door of a 19th century building in Mayfair, and classic elements abound including the dentil trim, rosettes and arabesque carving.

It’s a gorgeous blend of both contemporary and neo-classic styles; the intricate, hand-carved detailing gives it the extra touch of a classic interior piece, and the broken-pediment Burnt Ash mirror frame fabulously surrounds an aged center.



Tio Bedside 

Last, but certainly not least, a gorgeous bedside chest! This petite chest was inspired by the work of 70’s design guru, Karl Springer, using Julian Chichester’s signature material: Vellum (goatskin)!

Horizontal bands of 100 percent, coated brass, hand-burnished to a blackened finish, wrap around the front and sides of this stunning bedside, finished in high-gloss lacquered ivory vellum.



Looking through Julian Chichester’s images has made me even more excited about High Point, and this was just a taste of the full collection! Stay tuned for more Market sneak peeks coming this week! Until then, you can check out more design inspiration on my Instagram and Pinterest.






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