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Last month Jillian shared some great tips on the blog for decorating kid-friendly playrooms, so we thought today we’d share how we take some of those guidelines and put them to work in our clients’ homes.

We thought we’d double down on our Memorial Park Modern project in Houston and show you the children’s bedrooms and playroom.



Twin boys needed study desks and a little privacy, with their own personal spaces for storage and display. Sleek contemporary lines and colors will transition easily as they grow up and their own design tastes mature. Bright touches of color and eye-catching shapes keep things fun! We put together a design board that includes a neutral palette, and sleek furnishings that include shiny silver accents, along with some pops of bright, juicy orange in various accents which can be switched out when a fresh look is wanted.

design board 1

We’ve talked about design boards on the blog before, but as a reminder or for new readers, design boards are functionally the same thing as our pin-up boards in the Studio U resource library. This is one of the main ways we present to our Clients and provide them a map of their design. Design boards allow our team to take a look at the furnishings, colors, and patterns side-by-side to ensure they all work together. After we build our design boards, we move on to elevation drawings and floor plans to make sure everything fits in the space in just the right way.

Here’s how the room shaped up in reality!

Beautiful built-in beds (same fun factor as bunk beds, but on the same level!) provided sleek storage and display spaces and give both boys a sense of having their own space. (The semi-floating base helps keep the large bed units from overpowering the rest of the room—a small detail that makes a huge difference!) There’s even room for books and pictures in the dividing wall, and the warm color of the teak wood keeps the room from feeling chilly, which can be a problem in contemporary spaces.

That amazing geometric patterned Jonathan Adler rug is balanced by a fun Maharam patterned wallcovering in a small repeat on the ceiling.

The soft furnishings provide some places for punchy bits of color, and if the boys ever tire of the tangerine orange, it’ll be easy to switch out for a new look.


 If you read Jillian’s playroom post, you’ll know that we love a neutral backdrop with an accent wall or ceiling! Here, we built a colorful room around a vividly colored wall map, so the kids can learn about our world and dream about making their own discoveries and trips around the globe. A large chalkboard lets budding artists get their ideas out of their fingers and into the world, and a large soft rug underfoot means that all the furnishings can be moved around the room as imaginations call for new arrangements of the furniture!

design board 2
Soft furnishings and organic shapes pick up the colors and shapes of the wall map, and we planned for a media wall with lots of storage, display, and a large screen television for the latest hits.

And here’s how it all came together:

Lots of open floor space allows for creative games and plenty of room for activities.


 design board 3

We followed many of our tips in this room to create a fun, feminine-but-not-too-girly bedroom:


Lots of bright color, texture, pattern, and a bright and sunny ceiling! The jewel tones will suit the girliest girl. The bright chair in the corner provides a place for dressing, reading, or drawing.

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The bath is a neutral bright white, but the fun and sunny yellow glass tile is up-to-the-minute. A new look is as easy as switching out bathroom accessories, as tastes and fashion change! Kids room’s are so much fun to design. Let us know if we can help you with one or more of your children’s spaces! Studio U can help with anything from sourcing a product to feedback from Shannon, the Studio U Guru, to the full services of one of our interior designers, to make your ideas come to life.

You can find more images of our children’s bedrooms on Pinterest, or check out all of our boards, including more photos of the Memorial Park Modern project!

Until next time!




Ohorona24.in.uamansky is a story-teller at heart. Her unique perspective and tailored design process empower her to create singular interiors for clients all over the world.

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    I must say one thing, the kids would love this customized interiors. It is not only beautiful but also comfortable for the kids. Thanks for posting.

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