If you’ve been following along on Instagram this summer, then you already know how much I love Aspen this time of year. I recently returned from a month in this Colorado hotspot, and I am feeling refreshed. Endlessly blue skies and 70s temps have a wonderful effect on both body and mind! While I was there, I was able to get in some good design time, as well as contribute to a commercial design space. Today, I want to take a deeper dive into the design details of my Mountain Modern window vignette at Isberian Rug Co.

The Inspiration: A Mountain Modern Retreat

I have decorated homes in Colorado for years now. Not too long ago, I had a home there myself. A recurring client request has always been, “how can we put a new spin on the traditional mountain lodge?” One emerging trend that has recently taken hold is the Mountain Modern look.

This new design style is still in its definitive stages. We incorporated this philosophy in a soon-to-be-revealed project, Mountainview. Because all of our projects are client- and site-specific, we looked to Mountainview’s surroundings for inspiration. The home is close to downtown Aspen, yet far enough away to feel pleasantly secluded. This is where our take on the Mountain Modern trend emerged.

The look blends rustic, countryside elements with the sleek feel of an urban residence. We incorporate the pieces you would expect to find in a mountainside home (wood, Native American trade motifs, deep earthy tones) with those more in line with a city environment, like metal and clean lines.

The Location: Isberian Rug Co. in Aspen

The Isberians have been my friends for a long time. They are an incredible family and are internationally recognized for their rug expertise. They have been in the rug business for over a century and are the foremost authorities on rug manufacturing, maintenance, cleaning, and history. Long story short, the Isberians know a lot about rugs.

“Creating a mountain modern vignette in Aspen for me was all about bringing the fresh feeling of a mountain summer indoors. With a combination of textures and colors this space was transformed into a cozy retreat that makes you want to kick your feet up and stay awhile.” – Lexie Terry, Lead Designer

When I was speaking to the Isberians about their showroom and how much we love to work together, I pitched the idea of designing a couple of vignettes. Our goal – to showcase their beautiful rugs with our design work. They graciously accepted and I was able to work with my talented design team to bring our Mountain Modern concept to life. With that, we set out to design two vignettes at their flagship store located in the heart of Aspen.

The dimensions of the showroom are long and narrow. We wanted to encourage window shoppers inside the store, but had only 5 feet of window space to do it! Knowing that we had the best rug selection at our fingertips, and a host of trusted vendors in Houston, we began assembling our concept.

The Lighting: Hudson Valley Lighting

As an HVL Ambassador, I’ve been praising the breadth and diversity of their collections. As a designer, I look to them in nearly every project. This window vignette was no different. In fact, I had used these exact lamps in a previous window for LCDQ LEGENDS.

The Marshall Lamp

This floor lamp from Hudson Valley Lighting can really work with any style of décor. In Los Angeles, where my window vignette honored Kalef Alaton, it exemplified Old Hollywood glamour. The slender neck sprouts from a spherical base. The vintage brass finish is like a luxe antique. With a faux silk shade, the Marshall Lamp looks rights at home with crisp white drapery and animal prints.

For our Mountain Modern vignette, the Marshall Lamp provides an Old World touch. Modeled after the Jazz Age, the lamp exudes a dynamic energy that awakens the rustic earthiness of the rugs. The tension is real, making the space look and feel timeless.

The Calabria Table Lamp

For my Los Angeles window vignette at Legends, I wanted to bring some light to the eye level in a style that was universally appealing. Alaton was known for his blending of old and new styles. His collected interiors were ahead of their time and very modern. I chose the Calabria lamp from Troy Lighting because of its aged texture and shapely lines, a perfect blend of old and new.

Modern design lacks the ornate embellishments of Art Déco and more traditional looks. That’s why it pairs so well with the Navajo rugs in this space. It doesn’t detract from the patterns in any way and adds an essential element of character.

The Furnishings: James Craig, Design House, and Found

Every vignette needs to feel as if you could make your home there. For this Mountain Modern look, we selected soft pieces with rounded shapes. The swivel chair is from James Craig Furnishings, one of our go-to resources for furnishings in Houston. Next to this we have a bright, lacquered table finished in an eye catching blue. I think the blue looks fabulous against the earthier tones of the rugs and is reminiscent of Aspen’s endless skies. On the opposite window, you will see another James Craig find, the upholstered console table, complete with tribal pattern that ties it all together.

Design House provided the wishbone chair, a classic Mid-Century Modern design. The fuzzy seat is whimsical and fun. It brings an element of fantasy to the vignette. The wood slab table and iron bench are both from Found, another one of our go-to Houston resources. The wood evokes that rustic sensibility, while the iron bench adds in the more contemporary feel of metal. Put together, the blend is really magnificent. This was a great team effort by lead designers, Lexie and Shenay.

The Rugs: Contemporary, Tribal, and Vintage

I love the Isberians because they have an extensive knowledge of rugs. I know that I can rely on them to recommend the right rug for any project I need I have. Their selection is second-to-none, with hand-knotted carpets, broad loom and hard surfaces.

The backdrop of each vignette is a gorgeous contemporary rug that we hung from the ceiling. As a foil to this we laid a classic Moroccan rug on the floor. Moroccan rugs are meticulously hand-knotted, which lends to their durability and uniqueness. Over that we placed a vintage Navajo rug from the 1930s. Isberian has an exquisite inventory of authentic Navajo rugs, many of which we were made in Colorado.

Ohorona24.in.uamansky hosts friends at Isberian Rug Co. in Aspen

I must reveal that the window vignette was such a big hit that it is still there today! The Isberians requested to keep the designs for another month. A huge thanks goes out to them and my wonderful Houston sponsors. Daily hikes with my girls and lovely dinner dates with Michael and friends are just memories now. I cannot wait to make it back to Aspen! And if you happen to be there in the next month, be sure to stop by the showroom.


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For over a century, the Isberians have been the foremost experts in gorgeous rugs, and I am honored to host my Mountain Modern pop-up here for the month of July. Inspired by Aspen’s natural beauty, my window vignette captures the rustic ambiance of a mountain lodge. If you happen to be in this beautiful town this summer, please stop by Isberian and take a look!

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