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Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It houses good cooking, great friends, and simple coffee sipping alike. It’s one of the most utilized rooms in the house and is also one of the most difficult to maintain. Don’t find yourself in a cluttered and crazy kitchen. Get organized and spice it up!

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[ezcol_3fifth]Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 11.54.06 AM[/ezcol_3fifth] [ezcol_2fifth_end]Appliances: Don’t think dull when you think of your appliances. They are perfectly utilitarian but also of fabulous quality and even trendsetting! One of our favorite places to go to for appliances is Sub Zero | Wolf.  They are the gold standard in kitchen appliances and are the perfect place to start perusing and learning more. While Sub Zero | Wolf is top-of-the-line, there are other appliance manufactures who are doing unique and interesting things. [/ezcol_2fifth_end]The perfect case in point is Smeg (who’s refrigerator is pictured above). They have incredibly cool, colorful and trendsetting products. We have used their refrigerator in ruby red, ocean blue, and are even using their Union Jack design for one of our whimsical clients. What we find so amazing about all of the products we specify for projects is that, aside from being aesthetically appealing, they are all focusing on being efficient and long lasting.

Get Organized: Cut out the clutter. It’s a simple fix that can sometimes seem impossible, but we guarantee it opens up your kitchen in an instant. If you check out The Container Store, you’ll find hundreds of storage options, organizers, and countertop essentials to choose from. I just de-cluttered my own pantry using a combination of clear bins and natural woven baskets. I felt pretty proud of my self after that exercise! After you’ve done this, painting your walls a lighter color, installing new and fun hardware, or incorporating bold light fixtures can shift the look of your kitchen without having to make any drastic renovations. Just painted my kitchen ceiling a misty green/blue that I am in love with!

Incorporate accessories: Find your favorite piece of art, a floral arrangement, a colorful rug; get creative! It’s all about including a conversation piece that works with your kitchen’s overall theme. I love fun art in a kitchen because it is so unexpected. We have built an entire kitchen design around a Damian Hirst work before. In my own kitchen I have a small piece of Kelly green art by a painter from my hometown. It doesn’t have to be a worth a fortune, just has to mean something to you!

If you are going for a renovation, we especially love to see in a kitchen are contrasting, colorful, yet functional, islands. Of course, islands are a great way to give your kitchen more counter space and extra seating, but we have gone an extra step and painted them a fun color or even used a vinyl wall covering (easier to clean) for richness and depth. We also love to vary the countertops on islands. While the perimeter countertops can be hardworking granite or a composite material, the island can be your super star in marble (be sure to seal it!) or even a hardwood like walnut.

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Give a little much deserved love to your kitchen. With quality appliances, a bit of organization, added accessories, and a fabulous island, you will be set.

Looking for inspiration? Check out some of our favorite kitchen experts, like Bentwood Kitchens, Eggersman, and PoggenPohl, or peruse our past projects on Houzz.

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