I’m excited to share this project with you because it’s a little different from what we normally do. Color is a must in our Classically Current interiors, but finding color inspiration from birds was a first for us. When our newest client requested a colorful, nature-inspired interior design for her home, we didn’t hesitate to say yes!

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Colorful Interior Ideas

As a young doctor making the transition from campus life to her first home, our client wanted a fun and sophisticated design. Her love of travel would drive our design decisions, with moments honoring her favorite experiences in every room.

Our desire was to create an interior design that honored her treasured travel memories, her love of color, and her great fashion sense.


Young and Vibrant

The home’s bright and bold color palette is inspired by the gorgeous birds she saw on a recent trip to Africa. Bright blues, turquoise, and earthy neutrals allow her favorite heirloom pieces to shine. Bright pink, yellow, and gold accessories add a feminine, playful touch.

Layering different materials like wood and rattan in the breakfast nook brings the outdoors in to create a warm, welcoming space to share meals with her treasured friends and close family. The traditional wood pieces, like the end table in the front room, contrast beautifully with more contemporary materials, like the floor lamp, in the design.

We chose a fabulous patterned wallpaper for her home office to add visual interest in the workspace. The modern floral print has a golden glow, brightening the space from top to bottom.

In the bathroom, a bright watercolor-inspired wallpaper greets guests with bold florals. It’s a risky choice for a small space, but it works to create a consuming and cozy feel.


Collected and Curated

A bright yellow sofa catches your eye as soon as you walk into the home. One of our client’s favorite memories is curling up on the yellow sofa her mother used to have. Giving her a yellow sofa of her own was the perfect piece to start her collection of heirloom furnishings.

To properly honor her travel photographs, we designed a gallery wall above the sofa to showcase her favorite destinations. We made sure to include some of the stunning photos of the birds that inspired our design! Again, you will notice the play on natural elements with more contemporary styles in the types of frames chosen here.

In the living room, we did something a bit different. Instead of making the fireplace the focal point, we let this gorgeous turquoise television console take center stage. Our client loves to end a long day with her favorite shows, making this arrangement perfect for her weekdays. This colorful piece of furniture came from one of our favorite antique shops in town, Reeves Antiques.

On the weekends, however, the focus can shift to the bar cart and fireplace, where we’re certain friends will gather over a little bubbly.

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Room for Entertaining

Entertaining friends and family is a big part of our client’s lifestyle. (She has a guest book in the downstairs powder room!) Her sister lives nearby and her parents like to visit often, so having plenty of convertible seating is a must.

In the front room, we designed an intimate conversation area using a small, colorful sofa and an accent chair in a traditional style. The two little claw foot stools give our client extra seating during large gatherings, as well as a place to set trays for cocktails. They’re easy to move so guests can make themselves comfortable and can be tucked away when they aren’t needed.

We chose a large L-shaped sofa to give her plenty of seating in the living room. The white upholstery brightens up the room making it feel larger. It keeps the decorative pillows from overwhelming the space.

Even though the home is less than 3,000 square feet, it has good bones and plenty of natural light. Plus, the open-concept layout makes this the perfect home for entertaining. There’s a gentle flow between the front room, dining room, and kitchen. The furniture separates the space, but nothing feels closed off.

One thing I always say about entertaining at home is that you can’t have a party without a fun bar cart. It’s an entertaining must-have, and we love this one from West Elm! The open shelves keep her barware easily within reach and the streamlined design ensures it won’t get in the way during a party.

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Colorful Interior

This colorful home was such a joy to design. It’s sophisticated and feminine, but in a playful way. The grounding neutrals give her home a light, airy feel and create a clean backdrop for the design. The bright color palette, layered textures, and whimsical patterns add visual interest and truly speak to her style.

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