Create a dining room that you will actually use! (a lot)

Formal dining rooms used to be standard in every home, but it wasn’t the most comfortable place to sit and relax after you ate. As times changed and lifestyles evolved, families started to use the living room and family room as the main entertainment spaces in their homes. The formal dining room was no longer a focal point and became a space mainly used for special occasion entertaining. And eventually, homes stopped including a formal dining room.
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Fabulous Footstools for Every Interior

When it comes to footstools and ottomans, you can never go wrong by pairing them with a comfy chair. Together, they provide you with the perfect spot to sit back, relax and put your feet up after a long day. But these pieces can be used for more than just a spot to rest your feet.
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Velvet accents guaranteed to glam up your space

Velvet is synonymous with luxury and opulence. It’s been around for centuries, but it hasn’t always had a place in the interior design world. Between the lack of color options and stiffness of the fabric, it’s not a material many wanted to use. But changes in fabric technology have turned this once dated fabric into something new and fresh. I’m happy to say velvet accents are making a comeback!

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Statement lighting is the jewelry of your room

Statement lighting comes in many shapes and styles, but one thing is for sure – your guests will take notice! Whether your space features a gorgeous chandelier or a set of eye-catching pendant lights, fabulous lighting can transform a room much like a great statement piece of jewelry ties together a beautiful outfit.

There are three factors you’ll want to consider when selecting the perfect statement light for your space.

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Collected Interior, Interior

Collected Interiors are where it’s at.

Interior design is about so much more than just beautiful furnishings. I believe the objects we bring into our home tell our individual story. That the furnishings, photographs on the wall, and collections on the shelf create a backdrop to the memories we make. For me, interior design is about creating a carefully curated, collected space that showcases your most loved pieces. The beauty of a collected interior comes from using pieces from different time periods and design styles – everything from mid-century mod to clean-lined contemporary, antiques, Moroccan, and chinoiserie – to tell your story.

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