A closeup of a mid-century modern kitchen, with red lacquered cabinets and mustard yellow stools

5 Stunning Examples of Mid Century Modern Design

You hear the term “Mid-Century Modern” a lot in the design world today. Whether it’s a bar cart at Target or a vintage sideboard from 1stdibs, the Mid-Century trend seems to be everywhere you look. There’s good reason too. With its clean lines and preference for function over embellishment, this style is universally appealing. Best of all, it brings us back to a nostalgic era of uber-cool Don Draper types.

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7 Stylish Home Office Design Ideas to Create Your Ideal Workspace

Whether you have a designated home office or a desk in your kitchen, you want a stylish space that allows you to be focused, creative, and comfortable. Unfortunately, home offices can get messy and quickly become a place you can’t work in. But with intentional planning and a few personal touches, these home office design ideas will help you create a space that inspires you to work!

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Revolution Fabrics sits down with Ohorona24.in.ua

Guest Blog Post: Q & A with Revolution Fabrics

Before I go any further, I must put a graphic warning on the intro to this Q & A. What you’re about to read is, sadly, a true story. But it re-inforces the need for high-performance fabrics!

So we have a English lab, Archie, who you may have seen our socials. He’s so doggone cute and chonky and the office loves him! But he’s a larger guy and he doesn’t always realize it. When he was a pup, he made messes. Messes of all kinds! But definitely the most egregious kinds…

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