5 iconic chairs every interior needs

One of my favorite design styles is mid-century modern. Classified by flat planes, expanses of glass,  simple forms and organic influences, this style is all about pieces that are sleek and timeless. This period was also an important era for furniture design, as some of the most iconic pieces were created during this time.

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Placing charming antique pieces in your home

Whether you’re using furniture pieces or accessories, antiques are so versatile. These pieces bring together the past and the present in a very timeless way while adding charm and character to the space.

So when you think about incorporating antiques into your design, you might think about using antique furniture in a study or showcasing special pots, pans or dishes in the kitchen. Today I wanted to share a few other unique ways to use antiques in your interior. 

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3 ways to create a signature scent for your home

Do you remember the smell of your grandmother’s chocolate chip cookies baking or the fragrance your spouse was wearing on your wedding day? How about the salty ocean air from the summers you spent at the beach?

Smell is the sense most closely linked to memory. It helps us recall specific moments in time and is an essential part of the memories we make, our moods, and emotions. Without our sense of smell, it’s easier for our memories to fade.

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Stunning living rooms that embody sophistication

When you think about the entertaining center of your home, your kitchen is probably the first room that comes to mind…but it wasn’t always that way. The living room, previously known as the drawing or sitting room, used to be the most important space. It was where ladies received guests during the day and where everyone met before and after dinner. 

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4 ways to bring metallic accents into your home

Metallic accents are the perfect way to add a dash of glam to any interior. Whether you want an eye-catching statement piece or just a subtle touch of metallic, there are plenty of options to add a bit of shine to any room!

From lighting to fabrics to décor, metallic finishes can be found in a variety of pieces. They highlight the beauty of a piece and help instantly pull together a space. Here are a few of my favorite ways to incorporate metallic accents into your designs to make the whole room sparkle.

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Interior in an Encinco CA front foyer, gallery wall by Ohorona24.in.ua

Interiorer vs. Interior Decorator: What’s The Difference?

There are many things to think about when you begin a design project. Are you tearing down walls? Are you reupholstering furniture? Do you need helping choosing paint colors? Or does your entire home need an overhaul?

It can be overwhelming, and you may find yourself looking for some professional help. In your search, you will find some professionals who call themselves interior designers, while others will call themselves interior decorators. But is there a difference between the two?

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5 architectural details that bring life to a room

The design process starts by determining the big picture – the overall feel of the space, the theme of the room’s story. Then you start selecting the larger items like drapery, lighting fixtures, and furniture before finalizing the smaller pieces like decorative pillows and artwork. All those things together create the ambiance, but it’s the details that really bring the room to life.

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My favorite ways to accessorize tabletops

When it comes to curating a space, everything from the furniture to the rugs to the accessories on your table is carefully selected and incorporated into the design. Accessories tend to get overlooked or treated as an afterthought in the design, but for me, they’re one of the most important elements in the space. Each piece has a place, a purpose and tells part of the room’s story.

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Bold colors that make a statement

Vincent Van Gogh once said that “one can speak poetry just by arranging colors well” and I couldn’t agree more! The soft hues of blush and lilac speak to a feminine, airy space. Grays, creams and brown hues are very earthy and warm, while blues are calming and soothing.

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Classically current powder rooms

The powder room is one of the spaces in your home that are meant to be small. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be beautiful and functional. This space is for your guests. It should be inviting and maybe even stir up some conversations. And, because it’s a small space, you can be more daring without having the huge commitment of large room.

Don’t be afraid to show off your personality with fun colors, prints, and wall coverings. Do something daring. You can use the same color palette as the main area of your home or use a different one. You can go as simple or as bold as you want to with your powder room. It’s a space that you can use to really get creative. 

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