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While we look for stunning pieces to incorporate into interior spaces, we often find that our best inspiration comes from the structure itself. We have a special appreciation for our Texas-based architects, who inspire us each and every day!


One of our absolute favorite architects is . He has based his company on the idea that “We have to understand the language of the past, yet relate them to the modern needs of our culture.” Staying strong to Texas vernacular architecture, Imber’s team works to incorporate those values into every project they are given. They have a wide array of buildings, ranging from ranch houses to churches, but they all share that common theme of a comfortable design that is rooted in local culture. Their detail and precision creates masterpieces that speak for themselves.

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is another absolute favorite of ours. Found in San Antonio, Texas, they reference Texas archetypes and design with our environment in mind. They conserve resources throughout the entire process and are strong promoters of sustainability and healthy living. Their buildings incorporate massive windows, wooden framing, and contemporary styling. Lake | Flato always puts forth a sincere effort to improve both the environment and the way we think of architecture.

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We love our locals, and they are creating such incredible work. Architecture is the springboard that shapes how we decorate each space and we are incredibly grateful for their thoughtful inspiration. It’s that unique, home-grown, touch that we especially love to see, and we strive to emulate this in our own interiors.

Check out our to see some of our favorites from these two, and let us know what you think!

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