Although fall’s High Point Market has come to a close (tear rolling down cheek), I’m glad to gradually settle back into the swing of things here in the studio. With that comes prepping for the holiday season and helping our clients get ready to entertain their guests!

I’ve shared a few of my fall favorites and Halloween décor (see here), and now it’s time to begin thinking about the necessities for a formal dining room for the holidays.

Read on to see what makes my top five pieces necessary for a fab, formal dining room!


1) Drapery

I am a big proponent of elegant drapery in a dining room. It softens the space, makes it feel finished and fine, and creates an overall elegant atmosphere for the holiday season. Whether it is a fully draped window or merely stationary panels in a sheer fabric, dressed windows are just effortlessly chic and warm my heart.


For more tips on drape installation, check out Your Guide to the Amazing Drape where I uncover the details on measurements, fabric, color and pattern.

2) Chandeliers 

Do you have a dining room without a statement chandelier? If so, call me immediately so we can remedy this serious situation! A chandelier in your dining room should be one of, if not the most, striking statement piece in your home! There is no other item – other than a roaring fire – that warms the look of your dining room for the holidays. Let’s make this happen for the sake of your friends and family!

The options are endless when it comes to lighting, so I recommend diving right in and experimenting with different styles. See here for some tips and options when selecting a statement chandelier.


The Ralph Lauren chandelier in the image above balances the black walls and dark table to create brightness while maintaining the formality of the deep hues. Now hold your hand over the chandelier and pretend it isn’t there. See what I’m saying? It is a M U S T ! It’s the perfect blend of elements to create an elegant, classic dining area.


What is better than one chandelier – doubling up of course! The Made Goods lighting in the image above is a stellar example of warm statement lighting.

3) The Statement Table

Whether you are dining indoors or al fresco, your dining table is the key to a lovely dinner. Here are a few of my favorites and the first one just happens to be outdoors.


This custom live-edge table brings loads of character to this outdoor dining area, and I love the subtle, natural shape. It was the right contrast to the paved patio, woven host & hostess chairs, and the light, bright, and clean-lined side chairs.


This design is certainly not short on pattern, but the detailing on the table brings the whole room together. This classic piece from EJ Victor is made even more extravagant by the addition of double legs on each corner. The gentle curve of the top and the taper of the leg make this a truly special table. 

4) Comfortable Chairs

Your guests will be thrilled as soon as they take a seat at your soiree. The holidays are a time to be leisurely and enjoy a home-cooked meal around a table full of friends and family. Welcome them to linger for hours in the most comfortable chair ever!

Pro tip: Consider selecting a fun or patterned fabric for the heads of the dining table.


5) Artwork

Speaking of comfortable statement chairs, this design below has bright and bold host chairs that work perfectly with another must for the formal dining rooms… artwork! Art is a personal investment and should reflect your personality. What better place to showcase your favorite artwork than your dining room, where you will spend hours with it and your favorite people?


Prepping your home for the holidays doesn’t end at holly and garland! Get ready to be the fabulous host or hostess we know you are by designing your dining experience from the windows to the walls to the ceiling. Most importantly, prepare yourself for all of the extravagant compliments from your guests and, in the meantime, check out my Instagram for more holiday design ideas!


Author is a story-teller at heart. Her unique perspective and tailored design process empower her to create singular interiors for clients all over the world.

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