We are so excited to partner with our friends at Trulia to bring you expert tips on getting rid of the clutter in your home! A lot of people like to declutter and reorganize during “spring cleaning,” but I personally like to get organized right before the holiday season to create a clean slate for decorating and entertaining. With the holiday season just around the corner, we hope you enjoy these organization tips from the pros to get your home holiday-ready!


By Tara Scott-Johnson, Trulia

No matter the size of your home, clutter can quickly consume your space and leave you feeling a little claustrophobic. Out of necessity, renters and small spaces dwellers have learned how to rid themselves of unnecessary clutter. Let’s take our decluttering cues from the folks that know square footage comes at a premium and every inch of space should be utilized in a creative way – the professional organizer.

The professional organizer has mastered the art of decluttering homes with this simple process. Starting with three boxes marked SAVE, DONATE, and TRASH, go through each room meticulously and purge the space. The goal is to have less items in the SAVE box once the purging process is complete. This process not only declutters your space, it declutters your soul.

The Houston-based Professional Organizer, Jason Reeves, tells Chron, “The Container Store is your friend!” Reeves stocks his own home with boxes, trays, and other receptacles to hold and store just about everything. Most storage containers can be stored in closets and under beds. But, some containers are decorative enough to sit on bookcases,  open shelving, or stacked on the floor.

Let’s tackle clutter with these creative storage ideas room-by-room:

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Do you walk into your kitchen to cook a meal and decide to order out? Then, your kitchen has become cluttered with unnecessary items. Small appliances such as the toaster, blender, and food processor aren’t used every day. So, why are they sitting on your countertop taking up valuable workspace? Give these items a home of their own and put them away. But, make sure they are easy to access when needed by placing them at the front of the cabinet.

Declutter Kitchen
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Shoe bags aren’t just for shoes. These storage pockets can be used for scarves, ties, or jewelry and store out of the way, hung on the back of any door. Similarity, under the bed storage bins or built-in drawers are the best use of dead space in the bedroom. Store shoes, blankets, and seasonal clothing here.

Classic Interior
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Small bathrooms with minimal storage clutter quickly with everyday items making their way to the vanity countertop. But, with some space planning and smart storage solutions, those unsightly items can be within reach and look great too. Mount glass shelving systems above the vanity and stock with glass jars to hold Q Tips, razors and other daily essentials in a decorative display. Additionally, use all available horizontal space in the bathroom; stack folded towels on the back of the toilet.

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Living Area

The Secret To A Tidy Home is the use of multi-use furniture. A credenza, for example, is the perfect height for viewing TV. These large furniture pieces have doors to conceal all those items that usually sit on the coffee tables such as remote controls, magazines, and tablets. Likewise, an ottoman with built-in storage is the perfect place to store blankets and throws.

Houston Interior
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Your home should be your sanctuary, not your storage locker. Are you ready to take back your space and live with less stuff? You can do it; declutter like a pro!




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