On Thanksgiving, I have so much to be thankful for! Today is our company Thanksgiving party, so I have to begin with the team here at Ohorona24.in.ua and Studio U. You are all incredibly dedicated to your craft, to our clients and the design community. You all make this such a great place to be each and every day. I know we oftentimes operate at breakneck speeds (especially at the end of each year!) and are constantly growing and changing, yet you all take it in stride and react perfectly. You are all an extension of my family and I am very thankful for each of you.

I say this each day, we are so lucky, grateful and honored to work with such amazing clients. We have a truly collaborative experience with each of you. Everyday we are challenged, engage and rewarded. You allow us creative freedom, the opportunity to dare to be great, break the mold and still keep things grounded. We love it and I am forever grateful, thankful and appreciative of your support and trust. I am eternally thankful of my family. We don’t talk too much about it here on the blog, but our two young girls are growing fast. They are amazing young 2 ½ year olds and each day with them is a gift. Parenting with my Husband is a partnership like no other. I love him immensely and am thankful for being with him each and everyday. This is a day of reflection, of taking stock and appreciating that which matters most to you. So, while I enjoy the turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie extravaganza, most of all I enjoy taking just a brief moment in time to be thankful for everyone in my life! Wishing you all the very best Thanksgiving! Laura


Ohorona24.in.uamansky is a story-teller at heart. Her unique perspective and tailored design process empower her to create singular interiors for clients all over the world.

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