My latest design crush!

Seeing brand new designer collaborations first hand at High Point Market is definitely one of the highlights for me. Meeting the creative genius behind the collection is icing on this designer cake! This past market (Fall 2017) I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Thomas Pheasant about his new collection for Baker furniture. Mr. Pheasant is not only an award-winning interior designer, he’s internationally recognized for his elegant and thoughtful furniture collections, which are a contemporary interpretation of classic design principles.

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We’re seeing things in black & white

There are few things in the design world that stay consistent. Trends change, new products emerge and classic designs are constantly reinterpreted. But despite the constant stream of changes, there is one thing that has remained Classically Current – black and white. This sophisticated and timeless color combination is not only striking and bold but the ideal match for any color palette. It provides the perfect base for any design that both minimalists and traditional interior lovers will appreciate.

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Trend Alert: Lilac is the new Blush

When you think of feminine colors, shades of pink are one of the first colors that come to mind. For quite a while now, millennial pink has been a hot color in the design world. But I feel the winds of change a-blowin’ and I’m calling it: This season I’m predicting that lilac is the new blush!

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Round up: our favorite tile trends

You can expect to find tile on walls and floors in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room. What should be unexpected is the way you apply them: creatively! It’s one of the easiest materials to maintain and the fact that they come in more finishes, shapes and sizes than we can count makes them a designer’s dream. There are so many exciting things happening in the tile world right now that we needed some one-on-one time with Miguelina Veras of . Here, she shares the inside scoop on all the latest tile trends.

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Out with the old, in with the mixed metals

Do you remember that old rule: that you must keep all your metal finishes the same color? Yeah us too, and it’s got to go! It’s time to throw out that ancient rule and get with the modern times – of mixing up metals in your interiors. From accessories to appliances, mixed metals can be incorporated into any room by adding depth and bold contrast to your home. Check out some of our ‘go to’ ways to mix n’ match metallics in our favorite spaces.

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Fashion to Furnishings Friday | Black Leather

Fall is undoubtedly our favorite season of the year. There’s no more appreciable fashion or trend transition than the shift from summer floral to Fall black and burgundy. We also love the fresh change of pace fashion blogs and trend websites, it’s exciting for everyone. This year, not unlike the last (few), black leather has taken center stage and called dibs on a noticeably large area within our closets. We don’t only love wearing black leather, we love decorating with it as well. The more the merrier, really. What are some of your favorite black leather items?



Fashion Trend Friday | Prep School

In honor of all our kiddos starting school this week we’re decided to put together a few of our favorite preppy trend products. We love the classic, and chic look of a preppy outfit. What are some of your favorite preppy items?



Vegas Market

A few weeks ago our designers took a trip to the Vegas Market! I know what you’re thinking, a business trip to Las Vegas? Seems too good to be true. Well, that’s not the case here. They came back a little tired, but successful in their endeavors none-the-less. We decided it’d be fun to share some of their adventures (and fab finds) with you via pictures!