Unique lighting fixtures for any style

Art and accessories are great ways to share your story throughout your home. But have you ever thought about using lighting? There are so many cool and unique lighting fixtures that you can use to tell your story and elevate the furnishing design. So whether you love traditional, large-scale or contemporary style lighting, there’s definitely a statement light for you.

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Keeping your interior fresh over the years

Have you ever walked into a space and thought to yourself “Wow, is it just me or does my [insert any room here] look really dated?!” Don’t feel bad! When I walked into the fab 70s sunken living room in The Boulevard Show House, that was my first thought! After some slight miracle-working, that sunken lounge space is going to be the newest and best thing. Just like with fashion or music, your design style and preferences change over time.

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Modern & chic chandeliers for any style

When it comes to putting the perfect outfit together, it usually goes something like this: You choose the clothes, add some shoes, select a gorgeous bag and then finish it off with beautiful accessories. Whether it’s a classic single strand of pearls, an armful of mixed metal bangles or an eye-catching pair of statement earrings, jewelry is the finishing touch that every outfit needs.

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Our favorite ready-made sofas for small spaces!

Small spaces can often put you an interior design quagmire. Reconciling the space you are given with your aesthetic desire can be tough! When you don’t have the time to design and then produce a custom piece, you are destined to purchase “off-the-shelf”. Avoid the search headaches with our favorite ready-made sofas that keep things chic when you don’t have time to customize!

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Helpful Tips to Create Real Rooms for Kids

[ezcol_1quarter]Web Bio[/ezcol_1quarter] [ezcol_3quarter_end]Hi All!

Last month Jillian shared some great tips on the blog for decorating kid-friendly playrooms, so we thought today we’d share how we take some of those guidelines and put them to work in our clients’ homes.

We thought we’d double down on our Memorial Park Modern project in Houston and show you the children’s bedrooms and playroom.



Twin boys needed study desks and a little privacy, with their own personal spaces for storage and display. Sleek contemporary lines and colors will transition easily as they grow up and their own design tastes mature. Bright touches of color and eye-catching shapes keep things fun! We put together a design board that includes a neutral palette, and sleek furnishings that include shiny silver accents, along with some pops of bright, juicy orange in various accents which can be switched out when a fresh look is wanted.

design board 1

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