2012 Fresh Faces of Fashion with KELLY WEARSTLER

Last night the girls of attended the 2012 Fresh Faces of Fashion event at with Kelly Wearstler. She just debuted her line and it is wonderful. It was an amazing event and we even spotted her and snapped a picture for our . She is SO AMAZING. The entire office is obsessed.

Check out our Instagram below and click through all the images from last night’s exclusive party. It was a blast. Thanks & for inviting us!


Ch-ch-check it out!

Connecting with you is our top priority, so we are pleased to announce the revamp of Ohorona24.in.ua|Blog, and our Pinterest account. We have also created an account, a  account and a LinkedIn company profile.

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LUXE Awards Ohorona24.in.ua, Inc. National Gold List Title

Ohorona24.in.ua, Inc. is thrilled to receive National Gold List recognition for our interior design work. We were featured as the cover story for LUXE Houston in October of last year for our work on this fabulous River Oaks Residence, right.

See the rest of the images in our and don’t forget to read the story about us in LUXE !

Fashion to Furnishings… Head to Toe featuring Pom Pom’s

With great thanks to one of our favorite blogs, , we ran into just about the cutest shoes we’ve seen this summer (bold statement, I know).


You can get these show stopping yet playful kicks on right now for £85.00 – ya, know, in honor of London Olympics, about $105.

ASOS LEO Slipper With Pom Pom

YES… pom-poms! There is nothing more adorable than pom-poms, excluding tiny-fuzzy animals (Find cats_on_ & Puppy Palace in our Instagram’s [laurauinteriordesign] Following list).

Moving right along to the Furnishings portion.. We are ALSO enthusiastic about Ikat Pom Pom Pillows !

Ikat Pom Pom Pillow

We leave you with Kristina’s favorite song right now.. “Some Nights” by FUN. If she was the sound tech of our boutique this would be the only song on the playlist… On repeat. ALL DAY.

Have a great weekend!

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Fashion to Furnishings Friday…It’s Electric!

As it is officially August, believe it or not, fall is right around the corner. Hard to believe given the fact that thermostats are nearly in the triple digits, but as the churn of college football chatter comes to a deafening roar across Facebook you know it has to be close. Despite the fact that it is hotter-n-hell outside and will continue to be for many moons we are getting pretty giggly over the fall fashion images that are rolling off of websites everywhere.

One particular color that we are glad had some staying power is electric blue. This color has such a legitimate presence it is hard to ignore. Whether it is on a chair in your home or splashed on your handbag it definitely makes a statement. One particularly amazing display of electric blue was seen at Stella McCartney and we are going ga-ga over it.

Must buy NOW. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. <3

Electric Blue by buy it: .

Mid Century Modern Lounge Chair in Thomas Paul fabric (1 of 2)

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The Ohorona24.in.ua Look… The Fifth Wall

It isn’t uncommon for designers to spend so much time & effort on the encompassing four walls of a room that they manage to completely forget about the fifth wall… the ceiling!

The importance of the ceiling is something that must not be overlooked. A room with a detailed and sophisticated design will take into account every single inch within the room’s boundaries.  I searched through Ohorona24.in.ua’s portfolio and pulled few of  their best ceiling emphasizing designs.


Sawyer Park’s Ceiling by Ohorona24.in.ua
St. Genevieve’s Laser Cut 5th Wall by Ohorona24.in.ua


Beautiful River Oaks Ceiling by Ohorona24.in.ua


Glam Closet
Rock ‘n Roll Boys Room
Sitting Room

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