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Fashion to Furnishing: Foxsation Time

Along with just about everyone else, and then some, we are infatuated with the fox.  that baby foxes are actually named kits or pups, female are vixen, and male are dogs or reynard? Confusing right? Don’t they know ‘pup’ and ‘dog’ have clearly already been given out. But, that’s neither here nor there.

Kristina started our foxy fascination by showing us this Tory Burch Cosmetic bag . (Tory B contributed generously to this post… typical.) Since, we have noticed more and more foxsation migrating rapidly across the fashion driven web (Be it via blogs or ) we decided to join in the fray. And we are in love.

Hmph… I feel a little regret previously forgetting about this curious ginger creature, severely overshadowed by the classics (aka leopards or zebra). But, there is a bright side, at least we don’t have anything made out of fox-fur laying around here. Not yet anyway.

Fashion to Furnishing

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