5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Play Room!

Hello again!

Since we’re currently working so diligently on Joe’s dream room, we thought we’d send a few tips for children’s rooms your way! Finding the perfect balance between child friendly and fabulously stylish can be tricky. To make the process a little easier, we’ve collected 5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Play Room inspired by Elle Decor.


Continuing on with the keeping-clean lifestyle, we encourage using fabrics and upholstery that is breathable and as stain resistant as humanly possible. Check out our custom fabrics in our boutique to find some inspiration!

  1. COLOR!

Save the neutral hues for your guest suite. Kids love color and we love it too! When collecting inspiration your play room select your favorite bright-colored palette or, better yet, go for the full spectrum.



Where there is a child, there is usually a toy. Creating a space that can fit every trinket into storage is difficult to do without the right tools. Take advantage of spare corners, space under furniture, and be sure to stock up on storage bins that allow for a quick and efficient cleanup by little hands.



Kids love having space to run around! Not to mention the fact that Houston weather can be a bit unpredictable sometimes. Giving your child a space that’s both livable as well as play-friendly will make them feel like they can have just as much fun indoors as out.



Antiques, collectables, one-of-a-kind furniture and dainty accessories are so wonderful – but not anywhere near a playroom floor! Put your “fun to look at, but don’t touch” items up on high shelves or in wall-hung shadow boxes. Your kiddos will love to look at them and you can add to them over time.

Send us your ideas for kid’s play rooms – we’d love to hear them! Visit our blog for more kid’s room requests and designs!

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Joe’s List

Happy Friday!

One of my favorite aspects of design is the collaboration we have with our clients. Learning about everyone’s different tastes, history, travels and dreams for their home is so much fun. We love working on the entire home, but there is something magical about designing children’s rooms.

We are currently working on an incredible project for some of our close friends. I received this text yesterday which is the wish list from the homeowner’s nine year old son. Thought y’all might enjoy reading his thoughts for his new room: “Joe’s List”.


In case you can’t make it out clearly, Joe would like the following included in his new room:

  • Loft bed – blue
  • Wood desk
  • 2 small spinning chairs – blue
  • Small couch – green
  • 2 bean bags – orange
  • Larger chest
  • Tall lamp
  • Small lamps screwed into loft
  • Hanging light fixture
  • Wall color light – green
  • Fish Tank for George my beta fish

This is some serious detail, which we absolutely love to have at the outset of any project. And… we are going to make it all happen! We will keep everyone updated on his awesome room, which is slated for completion next year. Until then, hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.