Studio U Logo Reveal | By.

Happy 2014!

We are ecstatic to ring in the New Year with a big reveal: The logo for our new interior design concept, Studio U, has arrived. Studio U is the perfect complement to Interior. At our focus has always been, and will continue to be, on luxury, turnkey, whole home, interiors. The fabulous thing about Studio U is that it is an interactive retail interior design studio. The talented designers in the new studio will focus on many types and sizes of projects, from one room to as many as you would like!

Since selecting a logo is such an important decision, we collaborated with our long-time friends and creative company of choice, . We highly recommend the creative process at COI for your company needs. They are truly awesome at what they do.

So, without further ado, I introduce to you our shiny new logo!

We are all in love with the design. Consequence of Innovation proposed a classic, timeless color palette, punched up with our signature fuchsia “U”, which we agree embodies our aesthetic perfectly. We are so existed to extend the brand by leveraging our U (both font and color) but still having a fresh, contemporary look for Studio. This accomplished our goal of complimenting the turnkey, full-scale projects we do at Interior with the singular or smaller scale projects we will be working on with Studio U.

It’s been a thrilling roller-coaster ride building the new brand and all it’s counterparts, but it’s been so much fun as well. Now that we have finalized the company name, logo, splash-page and have nearly completed the brick and mortar studio (just right next door to Interior), the only piece left to the puzzle is opening up to the public.

Studio U will quietly open mid-month. Our grand opening celebration will happen in March. More details to come!