Old House Chronicles: Decisions, decisions!

This post is incredibly overdue since we began occupying Old House back in April! We managed to finish up our renovation just in time to have a lovely, al fresco, 1st birthday party for our twin girls.

As a designer, I will never, ever, consider my home to be complete. It is even difficult to share images of it because, I feel, it will be forever in a state of incompletion. This limbo is entirely my fault! Even though I was able to provide our builder with enough information to renovate our home, now the ball is in my court entirely. This means drapery, furniture, etc… may take years to be decided on. Oh the stress – luckily my poor husband is a patient man and puts up with all of this crazy!

So while I worry and stress over making a decision that I will have to live with forever (this sofa, that pillow, etc…) here are a few shots of the exterior façade!

P.S. I decided to paint our planters yellow. One day I like them, the next I hate them. The final color decision will come once the ball topiaries are planted (should happen in a week or so). Images of that, and more of the interior, to follow!

Old House Chronicles: Part V

It happened! The slab was poured before it was officially 2013. Just ONE day shy of the New Year, but we made it none the less! It is amazing how small the addition looks, but I keep telling myself that it is perfectly in proportion with the rest of Old House. Today the framing started so it looks like my decisions on the addition are final. No going back now! So excited to walk through and really get a feel for the space in three dimensions! The lot looks like a mud wrestling ring, but a little bit of landscaping will remedy the situation. Is it embarrassing to have a Port-O-Can on your front lawn?