Romantic and Modern neutral dining room - Interior

Houston Home Interior: a Modern Project Reveal

I love projects that really exemplify these 3 key elements: classic elegance, functionality, and comfort. We hit the trifecta in this romantic, contemporary home. The client has a young family and loves to travel, so she desired a space that was foremost family-friendly, but also worldly and sophisticated.

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“What is your design style?”

It’s a question I get asked all the time, especially when I’m meeting with clients for the first time. And it’s one of the most important questions to ask when you begin working with an interior designer. After all, you are looking for someone to design your home, your sanctuary. A place to build a beautiful legacy for years and generations to come. It’s critical that you and your designer are on the same page.

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Recap: Top Finds From Dallas Market!

January is all about getting a fresh start, finding new sources of inspiration and learning about all the new up and coming products in the design world. It also means that we get to take a trip to Dallas for the Dallas Total Gift and Accessories Market – so fun! This year was even more exciting because the entire design team joined!

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Keeping your interior fresh over the years

Have you ever walked into a space and thought to yourself “Wow, is it just me or does my [insert any room here] look really dated?!” Don’t feel bad! When I walked into the fab 70s sunken living room in The , that was my first thought! After some slight miracle-working, that sunken lounge space is going to be the newest and best thing. Just like with fashion or music, your design style and preferences change over time.

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The one design rule you absolutely MUST break in 2018!

Do you remember when it was a huge faux pas to wear white after Labor Day or when your shoes had to match your bag? It sounds so silly now because people don’t really follow these rules anymore, but there really was a time when ladies strictly followed those guidelines. Fortunately, the fashion industry has evolved and women are now dressing for their personal taste rather than following the rules.

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Our Go-to: Custom sofas for your Largest Rooms

Whether you’re moving into a new home or just updating your current, creating a relaxing space in a large room is a fun challenge. A large room means you have a lot of space to work with, which is always exciting! However, one of the biggest challenges of a large room is selecting the perfect sectional that fits like a glove within the space. Sectionals need to be comfy, but not too bulky. They should be a sleek, luxurious and a livable gathering spot for your family.

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Statement Mirrors Speak for Themselves!

Mirrors are so much more than a reflective surface in which you check your appearance. While they are great for a quick glance at your lipstick on your way out the door or the application of a full face of makeup, they can also become a focal point of your room. They add depth and dimension and bounce around a room’s light like nobodies business. Added bonus: mirrors with fab frames add texture, detail, and color to a space too!

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3 signature items that define our classically current style

Interior Design is always evolving. The industry itself expands and experiments, creating strong looks and philosophies like mid-century modern or shabby chic. And just as traditional begins to mesh with contemporary and formal with casual chic, your own style matures over your lifetime. So how do you keep up? Well, that’s where we come in! It’s our job (and specialty!) to help steer you in the right direction and find a style that is unique, timeless and classically you.

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