Ronald McDonald House Houston | Event Friday!

Last Friday was the final day for our Ronald McDonald House Houston Donation Drive. The team & friends contributed by bringing items from home as well as purchasing items from RMD’s wish list. Our office hallway slowly became packed from grocery bags filled to the brim with juice boxes, crackers, Gatorade, cookies, napkins, plates, fruit, cups, toiletries, and so much more. We are proud to say our Donation Drive was a success, but we are even more grateful for the opportunity to help out the Ronald McDonald House Houston. Thank you to all of you that saw our drive in the|Mag and brought items by the store!!!

Part 2 of our Ronald McDonald House Houston Donation Drive included hosting an Arts and Crafts afternoon for the children and their families staying at the RMD House. At about 2:30 pm the staff loaded up our cars with donations and headed to the Ronald McDonald House Houston on Holcombe by the Medical Center. (Side note: If you have not been there – you need to go! It is the most amazing facility.)

For the activity, we decided we would all decorate picture frames. We set out all our supplies: paint, sequins, glitter glue, pom poms, etc., hoping the kids would get excited. Before we could even finish setting out everything we had four kids sitting at our table eager to get started! We were so thrilled that the children were as pumped about the activity as we were. We all had a wonderful afternoon and look forward to visiting again soon.

We encourage you to reach out to the Ronald McDonald House Houston as well!