5 Design Rules Worth Breaking from Ohorona24.in.ua Interior, Houston Texas

5 Design Rules Worth Breaking

As an interior designer, you learn about “design rules” early on. But after a few years, your style evolves. Very much like the old adage to “not wear white after Labor Day,” you realize that some rules were meant to be broken!

I always say there is no real “rule book” when it comes to interior design. Really, it’s more like a set of standard industry best practices to get you started. Then you create your own rules. After all, the point is to trust your own design instincts!

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hiring an Interiorer, Ohorona24.in.ua Interior

6 essential questions to ask when hiring an Interiorer

Starting a design project is such a fun and exciting time! But finding the right interior designer for your project can feel overwhelming. You want to find someone who understands you, your style and your vision. You want a designer who does the type of project you’re looking to do and someone who will communicate effectively with you.

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BLVD Show House Sneak Peek: Dining Room

How is it already halfway through February?! April will be here before we know it which is so exciting and…a little scary. There is still quite a bit to get done on the BLVD Show House, but we have been progressing much quicker since the new year started. We recently installed the sheetrock which was a huge step! Next up, is the installation of the flooring and tile, nailing down all fabrics, furnishings and getting everything ordered. It’s definitely been a super busy process among all other things, but I’m loving it!

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How to select flooring for any space

Like many of our clients, I have little kiddos running around and understand the need for a balance between luxury and functionality when it comes to selecting flooring. But with so many choices, how do you know which one to use? It may seem like you have to choose between aesthetics and functionality, but the great news is that you don’t! Today, I’m breaking down how to select functional and beautiful flooring for any space.

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Project Reveal: Luxurious Family Home

The idea of restoring a home back to its original beauty is what makes renovation projects so exciting. When we were asked to turn this 1980’s home into something sophisticated, we couldn’t wait to get started! The homeowners wanted to maintain much of the original structure, so some areas of the home were fully renovated while other areas were cosmetically altered. Throughout the process, we worked with the architect and builder to develop a cohesive design.

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Ask the Experts with Schenck & Company

Renovating a historic home is quite the process! The sheetrock is in which means we’re one step closer to installing our gorgeous finishes throughout the home, including our hardwood flooring. We’ve joined forces with the talented on the floors for the Boulevard Show House because they’re the most in-demand experts when it comes to creating custom fine hardwood floors.

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Selecting the best color palette for your home

When you’re designing a brand new space or looking to redo your current home, one of the first things you might feel like you have to do is select a color palette. You start browsing magazines, social media, Houzz and Pinterest to find the perfect colors to use. If you can’t find just the right colors, don’t worry. Color palettes develop over throughout the design process. Yes, it’s a commitment that takes some ongoing research and inspiration but you’ll find the perfect palette with a little patience!

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How to select the perfect drapery fabric

It is no secret that I am a big fan of drapery! Functionality and luxury are two words that come to mind when I think about window coverings of any kind. Though the main purposes of drapery are to provide privacy from your home and to protect your furnishings from the sun, they are also a way to enhance the overall space both visually and acoustically. Use your drapery to bring in a fun print or trim, enhance your interior with a vibrant color or provide a simple, or create a soft, neutral backdrop for your interior.

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Unique lighting fixtures for any style

Art and accessories are great ways to share your story throughout your home. But have you ever thought about using lighting? There are so many cool and unique lighting fixtures that you can use to tell your story and elevate the furnishing design. So whether you love traditional, large-scale or contemporary style lighting, there’s definitely a statement light for you.

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