Million Dollar Questions With Million Dollar Decorating

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with James Swan of , the only podcast devoted to the world of interior design, decorating and beautiful living. Listen in for a peek into the inner workings of our world at Interior and how it all began! Find out what sparked my interests in interior design, the lessons I’ve learned along the way, upcoming projects and I are working on and more.


Casual Living Spots Our Style!

Moroccan travels and personal touches that capture our client’s unique interests are what inspired the colors and exterior design of this stunning Moroccan-themed veranda, and Casual Living took notice! I loved talking with the publication about the wonderful work our team – led by our principal designer, – put into this project and we are so excited to see the work laid out in the glossy pages of the magazine!

You can pick up a copy of the April issue of Casual Living on news stands now (or grab a copy at High Point Market)! In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this piece about our project as much as we enjoyed designing it!


Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 8.34.33 AM

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Vessels of Vanity

The bathroom – the room where we get ready for the day, for the night and touch ups in between – has to represent your most fabulous self. As I’ve discussed before, the interior design of a room can greatly so the design of the space where you get ready to take on each day should be just as stylish as you!

Vessel sinks and floating vanities are a couple of my favorite design elements to incorporate into my classically current interiors as they can offer a unique dynamic to bathrooms of any size, bringing style and elegance to the space.

Floating Vanity

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Light Up A Room!

It’s time to shine some light on the subject of…light! The use of quality light in interior spaces greatly affects the overall environment and “mood” of a space and is a huge design opportunity in every interior. Whether natural or artificial light is employed, properly illuminated rooms make your home feel more spacious and can manipulate the mood you want to achieve or activity level you desire in the space. For example, softer lighting creates a calmer environment and brighter lights are ideal for areas that are busier, like an entertainment area or your kitchen.

Ambient lighting is incredibly important and something we always consider, but I want to focus here on using decorative lighting as an interior design feature. You can create a fab atmosphere and set the intention for the purpose of a room by using the right chandelier, sconce, picture light, or task light.

Here are some of my favorite interiors spotlighting, well, light!

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Color Psychology 101 – What does your room represent?

If asked what I think is the most important aspect of the interior design of a room, I would not miss a beat before saying color. Vivacious hues bring a room to life and add personality to bland spaces. Yes, constructing the perfect color palette is certainly an art form in the interior design world, but it’s also a science!

In fact, studies have shown that different colors featured in a room can bring about certain psychological and even physiological effects in people. In short, the color of a room literally provokes distinctly different moods. This method of design is referred to as color psychology, and it is a very important aspect to carefully consider when planning the design of a space.

So what vibes do certain shades give off? Here’s a guide to Color Psychology 101!

bathroom interior design

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Posh Playrooms

If I had to pin the importance of functionality to one room in my home, the playroom would hold a place at the top of my list. As the mom of two energetic twin girls, I can say from personal experience that tea parties and “dress up” don’t exactly leave the playroom in pristine condition at the end of each day.

Of course, classically current designs don’t have to take a backseat when it comes to functionality. Mountains of toys and scribbles on the wall should be expected, rather than feared, when designing a playroom. This does not mean your playroom can’t look as posh as the rest of your home; you can have the best of both worlds!

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Interior #InspiredEverywhere: Houston

#InspiredEverywhere: Houston

When many outsiders think of Houston, they think of big oil, rustic cowboys and swampy bayous. But Houston is much more than that. As one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the country, Houston is a melting pot of diverse cultures from around the world, which blend together to create a robust atmosphere of creativity, innovation and, most importantly, inspiration!

While I’m always on the lookout for interior design inspiration every time I travel to a new city, I love that I live in a place where I can find daily inspiration all around me. Here are a few of my favorite spots to find inspiration right here in the Bayou City.

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Interior: February Finds

Another fantastic month for the has nearly come and gone, and we’re as busy as ever bringing our clients’ visions for their Classically Current dream homes to life. During all of the space planning, selections and research that make up our each day, our team has found a few new interior design obsessions and inspirational outlets along the way.

Here is what the team just can’t get enough of this month!

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A Beginner’s Guide to Color

I love to incorporate splashes of color into my client’s interiors. In fact, dashes of thoughtful color are a crucial trademark of Classically Current. As with many aspects of life, all good things are best enjoyed in moderation and this certainly rings true when incorporating color into design.

So, how much color is too much? How do you strike a comfortable balance between saturated hues and neutral tones? These questions can be overwhelming for anyone just defining their color palette, but don’t let them deter you from experimenting. Here are some of my favorite ways to liven up a space with vivacious tones.

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