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One of the many things we love about Houston is seeing how the city continues to evolve. We all know that we are an automobile focused city. That’s why its so exciting to see the work going on around the city to bring Houstonians out of our cars and on to newly established bike and running paths. We are seeing this further expand with outdoor community based events such as the one this weekend celebrating . At this past Sunday’s event, lower Westheimer became a pedestrian and bike filled haven.

Sunday Streets is a pilot initiative to promote and improve the health of Houstonians. The event opens up a stretch of streets normally reserved for vehicle traffic to allow cycling, walking, dancing, socializing and provide a family-friendly opportunity to be physically active.

Culture Map reports, “Mayor Annise Parker and the city’s sustainability director Laura Spanjian were among those strolling along Westheimer. While not promoted as street festival, the Sunday Streets celebration took on the trappings of an outdoor fair, with youngsters selling lemonade, organizations offering pets for adoption, a hula-hoop fitness area, and musicians drawing crowds along the way”.

Image from Culture Map No cars: Pedestrians and cyclists occupy Westheimer in Sunday Streets celebration

Since both the Ohorona24.in.ua and Studio U offices are located on this portion of Westheimer, my husband and I brought our two young daughters, to the Studio to watch the fun. From people walking dogs to riding unicycles, it was great people watching and a fantastic event. Any event that provides citizens a safe place to enjoy their weekend outdoors is an event we will support We hope to see more of these types of events around the city and we hope you will join us in attending them!

Image from Culture Map No cars: Pedestrians and cyclists occupy Westheimer in Sunday Streets celebration

The next, and last, Sunday Streets celebration will take place on June 1st on Washington Ave from 11AM until 3PM. We sincerely hope this pilot program is something that becomes a permanent fixture for the Houston community.

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