They say summer is the time for a little rest and relaxation, and I couldn’t agree more. Although you can usually find me in the studio working with to create fab classically current interiors for our clients, I’ve already daydreamed my way through two summer-inspired style boards this season (you can find them and ). This week, I couldn’t help but gather my latest inspirations into one more summer-filled style board! For this design, I was inspired by one of my favorite summer destinations, .

For those unfamiliar with this sweet summer escape located in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, Blackberry Farm serves as a luxurious, rustic getaway for anyone looking to leave the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy the great outdoors with a glass of wine from a local vineyard in hand- two of my favorite things!

See how I created a classic farm look to bring this quaint, southern charm into an interior design.

Summer Interior

Swivel Chair: This I spotted in ’s tailored collection is exactly what you need in the morning as you enjoy a fresh brew of coffee!  

Side Table: A delicate little leucite piece by to accompany “her” chair and add a hint of glam to the space. Subtle, yet elegant.

Caramel Leather Chair:  A cozy leather piece is a must in this farmhouse-chic interior, and the caramel hue of this oversized captain’s  fabulously complements the warm and cream tones of the interior!

Chair Accessories: A chair can’t go bare, and we love this equestrian inspired Fil D’Argent  from Hermes for an accent pillow. For the icing on the cake, a cable knit throw from .

Cocktail Table: This interior was in need of some texture, and this was  perfect for the charming, rustic look! See how I add texture to my other interiors .

Floor Lamp: This vintage 1930’s Kurt Versen from is just ideal with its bronze base and large stitching on the shade – love the small details!

Wallpaper: Using is a go-to for us as it brings life and dimension to the walls without the worry of creating a design that is too busy.

Console Table: With an iron base and stone top, this captures the light and dark natural elements of the space.

Mirror: This by Aura is a wonderful way to spread natural light throughout a room. I love the way this particular one provides an interesting alternative to a classic round mirror.

Table Lamps: Bright and dynamic, these two bring an element of light to the room in more ways than one.

Art: These soft blue paintings by Ilana Greenberg add a little contemporary flair and necessary color to the space.

Reclaimed Beams: A classic in cozy Tennessee country architecture, the space wouldn’t be complete without some real natural beams!

Rug: This rug pulls in all the warm tones we loved from the reclaimed beams and wallpaper. A perfect tool for tying everything together.

When you can’t escape for the weekend to a charming cottage or cabin, there’s always a way to bring your summer destinations to your own interior and enjoy a bit of southern hospitality! For more of my inspirations and latest creations, head to my and .


Author is a story-teller at heart. Her unique perspective and tailored design process empower her to create singular interiors for clients all over the world.

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