As summer wraps up, we can’t help but fall in love with fab transitional pieces to elevate our Classically Current designs even after summer is long gone. From wall to wall, these gorgeous designs and eclectic pieces perfectly complement a timeless interior while adding a twist of current style.

Check out our most recent obsessions that caught our eye this month.

Palm Wallcovering

Duotone Circular Coffee Table

“First off, I am absolutely enamored with rose gold right now. When I saw by Yield Design, I knew it would be my next obsession. This brass and rose glass table is the perfect statement piece that won’t weigh down a room! It is light and streamlined, and I love the company’s message about making core elements and pieces that will last a lifetime using both handcraft and technology together.” –, President and Creative Director

Rose Gold Table

Olive Green

“Perhaps it’s because I’m counting down the days until I can break out my army-green jacket again, but I am just obsessed with ! It is the perfect carry-over color from summer to fall as it has depth and warmth, but it is still refreshing enough to let us hold on to the last few days of summer. While it is vibrant when paired with white, it can also be used as more of a neutral. It also looks adorable paired with a favorite color found in the studio, blush pink!” –Lexi Fink, Design Assistant

Classic Bedroom Interior

Army Green Room

Apparatus Studio Tassel Collection

“It’s an updated take on your typical glass cylinder fixture. Whether it’s grouping single pendants together over a table or a cluster of three cylinders on their wall sconce, the tassel collection by is modern, yet the clean, understated lines make a statement!” –Letecia Ellis Haywood, Principal Designer

Modern Lighting

Cylinder Lighting

Pendant Lighting

Area Environments Wallcoverings

“I fell in love with wallcoverings during a recent trip to the Allan Knight showroom in Dallas.  Area’s creative studio curates original work from contemporary artists and produces unique wallpapers and large-scale murals. These bold wallcoverings are edgy, sophisticated and definitely add a wow factor as the focal point of any room. I love the idea of using this as a feature wall in a foyer, dining room or bedroom. My favorites are the large-scale floral and feather motifs, Peonies by Thomas Darnell and Feathers by Adele Renault.” –Shannon Smith, Interiorer

Floral Wallcovering

Feather Wallcovering

Palm Wallcovering

“These hot Houston days have me dreaming of being somewhere tropical. My wanderlust has taken over, and I am currently obsessing over large-scale ! These lush, leafy prints make every space feel like paradise.” –Shenay Keyes, Associate Interiorer

Palm Wallcovering

Tropical Wallcovering

The Marcia Counter Stool from Sossego

“I came across while sourcing for an upcoming project and instantly fell in love.  It would be an injustice to not share the manufacturer’s description: “Marcia is forever the VIP. She is accustomed to stopping conversation cold, turning heads and consuming all the oxygen when she enters the room. The lithe, willowy legs of a dancer in mid-stride: this is the stunning appearance of the Marcia stool that appears to be twirling or running yet provides solidity and security for her seated occupants despite her breathtaking prettiness. She was inspired by the exquisite movement of Brazilian prima ballerina Marcia Haydée Salaverry Pereira da Silva. Her legs manifest motion, positioned as a dancer’s croisé just before leaping into a breathtaking arabesque.” – Blair Foster, Associate Designer

Modern Wooden Stool

Whether you’re holding onto the last few days of summer, bringing in fall hues or just craving some awesome, new pieces to add to your interiors, these are great options to check out! Have you found any styles that you have totally fallen for? For more design inspiration and finds, follow us on and !

Author is a story-teller at heart. Her unique perspective and tailored design process empower her to create singular interiors for clients all over the world.

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