When it’s time to revamp a space, or style a home, it’s customary to focus on the four walls that make up a room while forgetting about the “fifth wall”- the ceiling! In fact, ceilings can have a major impact on a home’s interior, much like the walls and floors.

I’m not saying that keeping the ceilings white is the wrong approach, especially because you can always add a stunning light fixture to spruce it up. However, elevating the style of any room and pushing the envelope with a little creativity can be accomplished by simply looking up!

With paint, patterns, mouldings or natural wood beams, the ceiling can become a striking statement and conversation piece at your next gathering.

Continue reading to see some of my all-time favorite ways to spruce up ceilings.

Ceiling Mural Design


In addition to helping set the ambiance of a room, color can affect the perception of ceiling height. For instance, dark tones can make a ceiling feel lower, good for an intimate space, while lighter hues allow a space to look larger by reflecting light.

In the photo below, the stunning yellow tone brings the space alive by giving the illusion of higher ceilings. Bring the ceiling down to your level by incorporating small elements of the chosen color throughout the space. Notice the yellow detail in the bedding, as well as on the bed-side table. Plus, I don’t know about you, but this bright yellow hue brings an instant smile to my face!

Ceiling Paint Designs

The photo below has more architectural detail tricking the eye by providing contrast, which we emphasized by choosing different hues for each layer. Notice how the bedroom walls are a soft purple, but when moving up to the ceiling we decided to start with a light gray tone for the first layer and a much darker purple for the highest point of the ceiling. The color contrast and classic white moulding add depth and bring instant lux to the space!

Ceiling layer design


Why restrict wallpaper to the walls when you can use it to add interest to the ceiling? Make a bold statement by going unconventional and add patterns to the ceiling with wallpaper! My top pattern picks for the ceiling would have to be stripes, geometric motifs and eye-catching floral prints, just like in the two photos below.

Wallpaper ceiling design

I am still completely in love with the stunning botanical pattern below. It seriously boosts the visual appeal of this dining space!

Ceiling Mural Design


There is something utterly gorgeous about the natural detail a wood ceiling brings- tranquil, really. Bead board is one familiar design when working with wood ceilings. It serves as the perfect design accent when trying to bring elements of comfort or a cottage-style to a space.

The photo below is a perfect example of wood bead-board detail on a stunning vault ceiling. It accentuates the height within the space and adds instant drama, while maintaining a perfect level of comfort.

wood bead board ceiling design

In the next photo below, the tongue and groove ceiling contains large beam overlays bringing an element of southern style to the space. We decided to emphasize, as well as soften, the look by painting the ceiling back drop white and highlighting the natural aspects of the beams. Using classic white for both the walls and ceiling help elongate the ceiling by accentuating its height.

Natural wood beam ceiling design


Sometimes allowing the moulding to do the talking makes the perfect statement. Incorporating architectural detail in the ceiling outlines the room and creates depth and drama.

Moulding designs

I hope after reading my favorite ceiling designs you are empowered to be adventurous yourself! Again, there is no shame in sticking with classic white ceilings, but there is value in styling outside the “four wall” mentality. When it’s time to tackle your next room re-do project, don’t forget to look up and put your creativity to the test! For more design inspiration stop by my Pinterest and Instagram pages.

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