Finding the perfect color combinations for my designs is one of my favorite aspects of the design process! I strongly believe design should be timeless and not solely based on the trends of the moment. In fact, this belief is the basis of my “classically current” design philosophy. However, the “current” part of this idea leaves room for modern updates that will stand the test of time.

Each year around this time, the design community begins discussing the new colors of the year, which I find truly inspiring!

Elle Decor Magazine recently shared its favorite 2017 hues and helped spark some new year color inspiration of my own! My personal favorites are shades of blue (navy, cerulean), earthy greens, rich amethyst purple, matching pastel shades (rose, taupe, gray) and a bold sophisticated accent color (yellow).

Here are my tips on how to incorporate these fab colors into interiors while achieving a look for the ages!

blue room design ideas

Paint the Unexpected

Painting a room a new shade is often the first thing people think of when changing the color theme of a room. When deciding on the new hue, it’s good to remember the level of comfort you hope to achieve. For instance, you might choose a soft or dark shade in the bedroom to prime a space for ultimate relaxation, but a bold, bright shade for the kitchen or activity room could help spark inspiration. You can find more details about the psychology of color (a fascinating topic) here!

Not thrilled about the idea of re-painting a whole room? That’s ok! It wouldn’t be a “classically current” twist if I didn’t show you ways to think outside the box. As you will see in a series of photos below, can add a splash of color just about anywhere

entryway design ideas

The front door of a residence isn’t the only door worthy of design inspiration. Don’t be afraid to bring door colors inside, too! As you can see in the photo above, we decided to add a pop of color to the foyer by adding a mint green shade to the double-door entrance. This soft hue, combined with dark walls and gold lighting brings a level of sophistication to this small space.

Disclaimer: this is an older photo from my personal home and has since been updated (but I still love the previous look, and sometimes miss being “the house with the green door” on the block)!

dining room inspiration

Not ready to commit to changing the colors of the walls, but you know you want to add dramatic color? Try painting the ceiling a fab accent color to complement other shades within the space. As you can see in the photo above, the ceiling serves as an “accent” wall. This room is also an ideal example of the 2017 color schemes I mentioned earlier and how they work together. The aubergine ceiling brings out all different pastel combinations within the space while tying in the stunning rug and wallpaper transforms this dining room into a space that defines livable. An added benefit of this technique is the effect of taller ceilings it creates!

window paint ideas

As you can see in the photo above, I saved one of my favorite painting tips for last – adding color to window trims! Although orange isn’t part of the 2017 hues, I wanted to show you how adding color to window trim is perfection- , orange is one of my favorite colors! When choosing a new year hue, I would recommend bright and bold options, because adding a pop of color to the window trim, in a neutral-toned space, can make for the perfect detail, giving your space a unique, one-of-a-kind look!

Let the furniture do the talking

Implementing furniture in your favorite shades is an edgy way to create color drama within a space and I recommend balancing strong, bold colors with soft, neutral tones to create complementary aesthetic.  One of my personal favorites is pairing luxurious navy blue with green, earthy tones, which I believe is the perfect color combination for a fabulous unique design. See for yourself in the photo below!

navy green design ideas

Home Décor (Splash of color)

Another way to incorporate 2017 colors, is to add splashes with accent décor. Whether in a living room, bedroom, bathroom or playroom, look for ways to incorporate your favorite tones by adding a stunning rug, fab throw pillows, luxurious lighting or even a little nature!

blue room design ideas

For instance, if you have a show stopping rug, adding throw pillows or small accent items, will complement the rug & make the colors pop, just like in the photo above. It is also a fantastic example of incorporating this year’s hot colors into one luxurious design by leading with cerulean and adding hints of natural hues as the accent, which you can see within the rug and cocktail table.

den inspiration

I love how we softened the navy, in the room above, by adding a soft pink throw pillow and a soft gray sofa. The color contrast, along with the gold cocktail table gives this reading room the luxurious feel it deserves. Give your cocktail table some extra attention by adding your favorite floral pick; the added color is the extra touch you never knew you needed!

There are a lot of color combinations to choose from in 2017. When deciding what changes you would like to make around the house, don’t forget to think outside the box! For an extra dose of interior inspiration, head over to my Instagram and Pinterest.


Author is a story-teller at heart. Her unique perspective and tailored design process empower her to create singular interiors for clients all over the world.

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