From stunning furniture collections to unique textiles, drapery, accessories and more, the world of interior design is filled with unlimited creative opportunity. Because we have so many options, we are often frozen and in decision-making limbo. All of the choices are, of course, a great problem to have! To break free and start moving your design forward into reality, it is of the utmost importance to honestly assess the real needs of your family, not just your aesthetic preference. This will help you to create some practical magic in your design!

For families with children and busy schedules (like mine), I strongly urge clients to consider the importance of the design of your most hectic spaces like the mud room and utility room. While your guests get to enjoy the formal living room and dining rooms on special occasions, you will love your kids’ backpack drop zone every day!

So, whether you’re getting organized well before the holidays or hastily stashing toys in the closet as your guests ring the bell, you will surely thank your lucky stars you went with a practical – yet insanely beautiful – interior design!

Keep reading to see how to create Classically Current styles that cater to the needs of any busy family.


Utility Rooms

Admit it, you have a room in your home that always has the door closed when guests come over. You know, the room where you toss everything to make the rest of the house look guest-friendly. It’s okay – we all do it!

This space is likely a utility room and it hardly ever receives design attention. Sometimes, homeowners opt not to update it at all. However, utility rooms have the potential to become an oasis of organization and unique design. Even if you are not the main laundress in your home, you will still be thrilled that you prioritized this space!


In the design above, the color palette is serene and the space is filled with practicality. From the drip dry to the folding counter over the front loading washer and dryer, this is an organizers dream. I went with a crisp white for the cabinetry and, just for fun, etched laundry related terms onto the glass fronts.


This is the first stop your family makes on their way into your home from the world beyond… and it can quickly get cluttered with shoes, coats and backpacks. Wrangle the mess with personalized lockers, well-placed hooks, and plenty of personalization!


These lockers (above) have laser-cut metal inserts to help vent the interiors, which are used by three very rambunctious boys. A bench seat is the perfect spot to put shoes on as you head out (or stash them underneath as you arrive). A few key elements for the perfect mudroom include cabinets with interior shelving, coat hooks, and hooks for backpacks.

No Such Thing as Too Much Storage

Lastly, I have to include the critical element that every family needs – MORE STORAGE! Over the years, a family accumulates so many miscellaneous items and they need somewhere to go (unless you are a dedicated minimalist). I am a proponent of putting extra drawers and niches wherever we can find a spot!


In the nook above, we tucked a trundle under the custom reading nook. This could easily become storage drawers should the need arise. We also found the perfect spot for a readily accessible book display: recessed shelves on either side of the bed. Add cute sconces and the kids can curl up here with their favorite tale for hours!


The table above isn’t your everyday cocktail table. It has rolling storage drawers and a smart roll on the left for art paper. Notice at the long bench seat at the back wall we used every inch beneath the seating for drawers. Talk about the ideal amount of playroom storage!

Lastly, take a quick look (here) at how I transformed my girls’ playroom from a cluttered mess to a well put together design. Tall cabinets with adjustable shelves and tons of deep storage drawers with soft closing hinges (a must for little hands) were a lifesaver when it came to battling the mountains of toys.

Fit your design to your lifestyle, not vice versa. Embrace your everyday needs! If that means more storage, go for it. For an extra dose of design inspiration, head over to my Pinterest and Instagram.


Author is a story-teller at heart. Her unique perspective and tailored design process empower her to create singular interiors for clients all over the world.

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