With only a few more weeks until we ring in a new year, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about getting yourself organized and ready for 2018. Taking the time to plan out your goals and making sure you have a chic office is a must. Whether you work from home or just need a space to prep for the week, a home office should represent you and be a space where you’re comfortable.

If you are like me, you will spend a ton of time in this space, so we want it to represent our tastes and working styles. If possible, the best way to create a chic office is to have lots of natural light to keep you focused, then we can mix in some color or metals and add in a sofa or lounge chair to create the illusion that, one day, you will relax. The most important thing is to have an office space that you love!

Plan for your New Year in a Chic Home Office!

Welcome in the natural light

Large windows in an office space are the best thing ever! Studies have shown that natural light in your workspace makes you more productive, helps keep you focused during the day and it definitely sparks your creativity. Plus, being able to look outdoors will make it feel less like you’re trapped in an office all day.

Plan for your New Year in a Chic Home Office!

The windows, warm-neutral color palette and white walls make this office airy and bright. It’s the perfect spot for making things happen. Our client wrote her first book – – in this space! The natural textures of the leather ottomans and the wooden desk bring some of the outdoors inside, which makes it so much more relaxing than a traditional office.

Add some color

Plan for your New Year in a Chic Home Office!

Plan for your New Year in a Chic Home Office!

I think that your creativity is sparked when you are in a colorful environment! Don’t be afraid to add some colorful accents throughout your office space. My favorite thing in this home office is the unexpected pink . LOVE!

Plan for your New Year in a Chic Home Office!

If bright color’s not your thing, don’t fret. Color doesn’t always mean hot pink. It can also mean soft blush mixed with champagne and light green, like this office above. The texture in the rug inspires me for sure!

For this masculine office below, we went with a darker color palette mixed with neutrals like gray and camel, metallics, and deep wood tones. This sophisticated combination makes our client’s office feel comfortable, intimate and refined.

Plan for your New Year in a Chic Home Office!

Make it comfortable

Good news! Since the invention of the little device known as a laptop, your office doesn’t just have to dedicate itself to a desk and executive chair. A h sofa and cocktail table makes the room feel more like a lounge, so you can get things done in a relaxed way. The pretty, soft color palette of feminine pinks, soothing whites, and khaki make this office a dreamy place to spend time!

Plan for your New Year in a Chic Home Office!

Though your office space should be where you get business done, it doesn’t have to be stuffy and boring. Natural lighting, a splash of color and comfortable seating help make the space one you’ll enjoy spending time in. So don’t be afraid to use your office to show off your personality!

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