Old House is currently adorned with an enormous pile of dirt, complete with various plumbing pipes and old shingles sticking out at all angles. This is the point in the construction/renovation process where every homeowner has a meltdown to some degree. I thought I would be different, seeing as I handle these projects just like this all of the time. Turns out I’m not different. I may actually be worse than most! Being the OCD person that I am,  I had a total meltdown over the huge pile of dirt with pipes and shingles sticking out. Speaking of shingles… I hesitate to even mention this but here goes. See my lovely new brown roof in the background. Operative word… BROWN. I thought I was getting a black roof to match my wonderful new windows and doors (which I hear are going in this weekend!). I take the brunt of the blame here.Total miscommunication on my part. I wisely said to my builder “please match the existing roof.” To me, this meant a BLACK roof, just like was on the house when I bought it, only brand spankin’ new. To my builder it meant “match the roof as it looked when it was installed 30 years ago before all of the brown part washed away and exposed all of the black part beneath it.” Hence, brown roof. Resolution to this issue to come…



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