I can see the light at the end of the Super Old tunnel! Tile and cabinetry is almost complete, we passed our plumbing/drainage inspections (meaning we can fill in the horrid trenches plaguing the yard), we have our permanent electrical meter so the guys no longer have to work using a generator (don’t ask!), and paint starts next week! I love the tongue and groove ceiling that we installed in the master bath and the same is about to go into the kitchen. The accent tile for the girls’ bath is going in and I can see the outline of the design. All of the exterior doors and windows are IN! They look gorgeous and we decided to paint them all glossy black. I am going back and forth on how much wallpaper is too much wallpaper. Can there ever be too much? I may stick to the girls’ room and the powder for now and see how it goes. We are getting so close! I think we may actually be able to have Liv & Ryan’s first birthday party in Old House’s back yard!




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