Here at, we are big proponents of creating looks that are timeless and also incorporate a style indicative of our clients’ unique tastes. This ideal embodies our Classically Current design philosophy. In this particular home, we were so proud to see it transform before our very eyes into a space that was light, bright, comfortable and welcoming.

Our challenge was to update each room by introducing colors and textures we knew these homeowners would love, while also preserving the calm, neutral palette of the original design. We were obsessed with finding a way to strike the balance between modern and cozy for our wonderful clients and we’re so proud to show you the before and after of this transformation!

Read on to see how we transformed this charming space with bright pops of color, wide open spaces and an inviting atmosphere that anyone would be lucky to call home!

Lighten up

 When we get our hands on a room with plenty of natural light, we can’t help but get excited about what’s to come. In this case, the dining room had a wall full of big, beautiful windows that cast amazing light into the space. We knew we needed to create a design that celebrated these gorgeous windows without covering them up.

When we went to work, we started out with a fresh, new paint job! Using a super subtle gray with white accents meant we could play with color in the other areas of the dining room, such as the stunning blue, classic chairs we chose for the table. The original chandelier was also updated to create another element of subtle glam. Dinner party, anyone?



Chic sleeping

We fell head over heels for the master bedroom in this home! The unique, vaulted ceiling was an awesome surprise we knew had to serve as the accent for the rest of the space. We love creating bedrooms our clients can’t wait to spend time in after a long day, so instead of leaving the ceiling white washed, we decided to brighten up the rest of the room.

Once we introduced linens that were equal parts sleek and subtle, we darkened the ceiling, with the help of the amazing team at Anything But Plain, to create a striking yet soothing vibe. We updated the chandelier, introduced a chaise lounge (the perfect spot for spending a lazy afternoon) and finished things off with an accent lamp. Before we knew it, this master suite had undergone a complete transformation!



First Impressions

 When the team does the initial walk-through of a home, we know when a room has good “bones” to work with. In the case of this home, the layout of the entry way was so inviting with its arched doorways and structured staircase. It was quite spacious as well, so our challenge was to come up with a way to open it up even more with the introduction of a new color palette and furniture that fit perfectly into the existing space.

One major design decision we made for this home was to refinish the existing wood floors. Schenck & Company is the best in the business and we were able to create the most beautiful custom stain color that totally transformed this interior. We then incorporated another shade of classic gray with white accents, topped off with gold, green, and dark wood pieces. With the introduction of one unassuming yet beautiful chair, the room feels light and airy, ready to welcome guests and loved ones!



Playful personality

 One of our favorite rooms in this home was little Sophie’s bedroom! Before transforming it into an airy sanctuary with plenty of play space, the room was with a darker paint and matching accent pieces. Our goal was to create a room that would remain stylish and inviting as Sophie’s tastes continue to change. I have two daughters myself, so I can relate to needing to grow into your space! Rather than chasing down the latest trends, our philosophy is to put a unique spin on a timeless look that will carry our clients for years to come. We just adore how this room turned out!



We are so excited to share this gorgeous before and after with you and hope it’s inspired you to create a unique style of your very own!

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Author is a story-teller at heart. Her unique perspective and tailored design process empower her to create singular interiors for clients all over the world.

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