One of the things I’m frequently asked is where I find design inspiration. Though I do find inspiration in magazines, and on trips to market, the first place I look for inspiration is from my clients. My team and I dedicate time at the beginning of the design process to learn more about their favorite pieces and collections so we can incorporate them into the overall design to create a space that reflects their unique story.

These pieces are more than just something to look at. They represent a specific part of our client’s story, something special about life at that moment they want to remember. And those are the pieces we want to make sure are front and center in the designs we create for our clients. Today, I’m excited to share this Indo-Asian collected high-rise space my team and I recently designed for a wonderful couple in Houston. Though the space had been beautifully renovated 10 years ago and had lots of wonderful details, the clients wanted to freshen up their home and use the space to show off their collection.

Collected high-rise with vintage tea set, industrial lamps, pottery and framed impressionist art - Interior

Our goal was to create a fabulous looking interior using multi-purpose furniture that made great use of the tight space, highlighting pieces they collected on their extensive international travels. The home’s color palette was a mix of warm tones of Sienna, terracotta, and creams, reminiscent of desert sunsets.

collected high-rise cream upholstered seating area - Interior

collected high-rise chaise lounge with copper mobile and leafy plant - Interior

collected high-rise indo-asian inspired vignette - laura u interior design

Our client’s impeccable style, red hair, pale complexion, and their Spanish and Indian nationalities inspired the home’s color palette. The team chose to use a in the den to create a statement wall – so gorgeous! And we mixed in textiles, accessories, and art from the clients’ own collection to create a collected, worldly interior.

collected high-rise seating area with rose gold round mirror, womb chair, kilim rug and de gournay wallpaper - laura u interior design

collected high-rise minimalist living room with copper geometric lighting and neutral colors - laura u interior design

earthy collected high-rise breakfast nook with copper metallic geometric lighting - laura u interior design

With limited space, each room needed to serve multiple functions. After the team inventoried the client’s existing furnishings, art, and collections, we were able to put together a plan for how to maximize the space. The converted den was designed to serve as a study, as well as a guest bedroom with a gorgeous (yet hidden!) sleeper sofa. And the living space was designed to serve as a dining area and living room. Each choice the team made was intentional in terms of scale, proportion and finish.

collected high-rise minimalist bathroom with wood cabinetry and freestanding tub - laura u interior design

collected high-rise with custom dressing room closet - laura u interior design

The most challenging space to design was the client’s dressing room. Originally a little sitting room, the space floats in the middle of the home and has multiple access points. So we custom designed a closet that would allow give them a closet they could both use.

collected high-rise minimalist kitchen with large globe lighting - laura u interior design

collected high-rise indo-asian inspired bedroom with wooden screen headboard and antique spindle leg nightstand - laura u interior design

This newly renovated collected high-rise is the perfect blend of mid-century, antiques, and our client’s favorite pieces. It’s a space that really shows off their beautiful collection and they were “over the top happy and satisfied” with how it turned out!

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Author is a story-teller at heart. Her unique perspective and tailored design process empower her to create singular interiors for clients all over the world.

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    Hey Laura, I love your designs! So spacious and neat-looking. Hoping to see more of your photos. 🙂

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