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I am working on the design of my own master bedroom as I type and thought this would be a great time to touch on this super-important space. The master bedroom should be the most livable and luxurious room in your home. It’s a space made for you to kick off your shoes, make it a total a mess (or keep it incredibly organized), and, above all else, it should feel 100% yours. Here are three things that your master bedroom should always be: spacious, comfortable, and relaxing.

Master Bedroom LowREs

I think having a king-sized bed in the master bedroom is key! This should be a room that accommodates your large scale bed, two functional nightstands, and either built-ins or a lovely dresser. In my own home, I am working with the space I have been given, which, luckily, is ample! I just committed to a gorgeous, fully upholstered bed and am now in search of nightstands. I happen to have one on approval in the room now (from Shabby Slips) and I think it’s a winner! The ideal nightstand will have some storage but not feel overly heavy. If you have a smaller master bedroom, nighstands with one drawer and open shelving at the bottom will help the room feel uncluttered.


If your room allows, an entire wall of built-ins would be wonderful! This is what I am designing for my own space. It will include a space for a TV (yes, I am a major TV watcher in the evenings!) along with additional and much needed storage. If your space is smaller, a nice chest of drawers would be just perfect.

Another key ingredient in making the perfect master bedroom is comfort. It’s the space you rely on to catch up on some much needed Z’s or, in my case, to get cozy for a movie marathon. Your guests typically don’t see your bedroom so this gives you the freedom to truly individualize this space. I love having an upholstered settee or bench at the foot of the bed to soften the space. A lovely throw is a must-have. Even if you don’t need this for warmth (hello Houston in August), it exudes a cozy vibe and can inject some much needed color.


Lastly, make it relaxing. I love to use a neutral palette in master bedrooms and even go darker on the walls. Light-and-bright or moody-and-dark; either way keep it clean, neutral and soft. My go-to color on bedrooms walls is Mega Greige by Sherwin Williams. It is such a lovely and medium-dark color that I have used in my last 2 master bedrooms. I truly didn’t feel compelled to change it up and that is saying a lot!

Planning to snap some photos of our half-finished (it will just never be complete!) master bedroom in the coming weeks so I will be sure to share. In the meantime, would love to hear your tips and tricks that you have used in your own master!

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  1. Jordan on August 28, 2015 at 12:39 pm Reply

    Great ideas here. It’s important to have a master bedroom that is relaxing and with all the essentials – and of course a few nice little extras (like that chandelier in the first picture!).

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