Today we will round out the 3rd week of’s 30 Days ’til Christmas countdown! Reminding you of the very special items that were hand selected to participate in such a prestigious event!

#16| White Porcelain Digger Pine Cone: These little gems are now on sale for only $7.50 each! They make the perfect table topper for your dining room, living room, or even bathroom. Decorate your house in white this season for a modern, holiday look.

#15 | Copper Nebula Iced drop Ornament: This isn’t your average ornament.  Nebula is sure to make a pretty scene on your tree this season. But don’t worry, she’s friendly, and looks best when accompanied by a couple of her friends.

#14 | Felt Circus Elephant Ornament: Maybe you’re not going for a glamorous look this year when decorating your tree. Maybe you’d prefer to let the kids classroom decorations and memories be the designer. Well we have the perfect little elephant just for you!

#13 | Recycled Antler Rack: These antlers our now perched on our paper mache rhino. We like to give all the animals in our boutique the chance to experience the magic of these antlers and play reindeer for a little while.

#12 | Key Pillow: This Key Pillow somehow fits in almost every home perfectly, but also adds a unique touch of style as well. Buy both keys to round out the look of your couch and living room chair.

#11| St. Nick Card Box Set: Oh Santa, if you don’t deserve a nice cigar break then I’m not sure who does! After traveling the world, in one night (not to mention every single year since the beginning of time) you must be worn out.

#10 | Brass Collection Rocking Horse: Once again we’re featuring a precious item from our Mid Century Brass Collection. We love this refinished horse and know it will make the perfect addition to your home or make an even better holiday gift!

Author is a story-teller at heart. Her unique perspective and tailored design process empower her to create singular interiors for clients all over the world.

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