Following on from our recent post about our new crush on Mountain Modern design (found here) we’ve recently completed the renovation of a wonderful mountain vacation home, just fifteen minutes from downtown Aspen, Colorado.

Located right on the Roaring Fork River, the homeowners asked our team, comprised of Senior Designer Letecia Ellis and Associate Designer Kirstin Tate (and me!) to create a comfortable and cozy interior with a strong sense of place.

Our goal for the living room was to blend contemporary and rustic design with plenty of texture to create a luxurious yet casual space. The result is a relaxing area that maximizes the brilliant sunshine of the Rocky Mountains. The feel of the room is rustic, yet refined: this is a lovely spot to watch the river!


The dark red tape trim on the leading edge of the drapes is a color that is also reflected in the woodwork throughout the home, including a compact, yet super functional kitchen.


Renovating the kitchen allowed us the luxury of rearranging the appliances to maximize space and ensure that vacation cooking may be as casual or as complicated as the homeowners wish. The strong, sleek lines of the reclaimed and refinished barn wood island coupled with the dining room table keep the room fresh and natural, and the bright red metal chairs add an element of interest.

Here are some more fun images of the interior!



When designing a vacation home, it is often very practical (not to mention incredibly cute) to incorporate bunk beds. This popular design element provides the ability to sleep more people in a smaller space. For this home, the fab bunk bed features a queen sized bed on the lower level with a twin on top, and is ideal for this family and their friends. Access to the top bunk is at the foot of the bed and lots of headspace above creates an airy feeling for the guest room. The jaunty red, white, and blue color scheme was a specific request, which we incorporated throughout the home.


And of course, if you are building, renovating or designing a vacation property, we are here to help. Please email [email protected] for more details on our services. We love destination interiors!



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