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The team here at Ohorona24.in.ua knows that I absolutely love to travel: by train, plane, automobile, and especially on foot. There is something about experiencing new places and old haunts on the street level that continually inspires me. I love to explore a city on foot and really understand the different neighborhoods, boroughs, or arrondissements. Even though I may be a tourist, I love to live like a local, even for a day.

I have always felt that my creativity is inextricably linked to my jaunts. An article from May Wong, a Stanford University researcher, reinforces this notion and, in my opinion, justifies all of my past and future travels! Simply put, Wong found that walking boosts creative inspiration. She examined creativity levels of people while they walked versus while they sat. A person’s creative output increased by an average of 60 percent when walking. Simply impressive and, in the design field, totally necessary.

This summer was full of exciting travels, both for leisure and for business. Whether vacationing with my husband and twin daughters in Colorado or visiting the Cayman Islands (a must see if you’ve never been there) or meeting with clients in the North East, I found inspiration everywhere!

From the classic elegance of The Plaza in New York to the rustic warmth of Aspen lodges and homes, I found myself inspired and excited to return to the studio! Here are a few snapshots (courtesy of my cell phone and Instagram) that I brought back from my trips:


Gramercy Park Hotel!

Enjoying the fabulous lobby at the Roger Hotel

The fresh cut flowers inside the plaza are always in full bloom.

The Plaza Residences lobby, wow!


Yes, this is a row of fab dispensers of wine. What a great idea!

Every evening in the Cayman Islands the sun, water, and sky formed the picture perfect sunset!


I couldn’t believe we saw a HUGE fox hanging out on the side of the road when driving to town!


Moral of the blog, get out, be inspired and walk somewhere fantastic: Houston (yay, nice weather!), New York, Aspen, the Cayman Islands…wherever! That is all I have for you today but hopefully I will be on the road (or on foot!) again soon.

See You Next Time,


P.S. Did you travel creatively this summer? What inspired you? Tell us all about it and share pics!


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