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Two of our most common requests are for kitchen and bath renovations. You get a lot of bang for your buck when these rooms are remodeled, but often our clients want to know how much it’s going to cost for the actual construction as well as design time. They also often want to know how their remodel will affect the value of their home.[/ezcol_3quarter_end]

That may sound like a classic “how long is a piece of string” kind of question, but, in reality, we use a similar analysis process to this one to find out how a remodel balances cost vs. value. Also, for small to mid-size projects, Studio U offers competitive project specific design packages, all with straightforward pricing structures.

[ezcol_1half][/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]The table to the left gives average remodel costs for various projects, pulled directly from Remodeling Magazine. This shows a range of possible construction costs only, both Midrange and Upscale. However, every project is different and costs will vary accordingly. Some of the factors that play into the Midrange vs. Upscale costs are material selections, level of detail, etc. Of course, that is something you and your designer will work through together as budget requirements and personal tastes are established.[/ezcol_1half_end]

There’s another essential factor to remember when considering the remodeling process. Making sure your designer has interior architecture as well as interior design experience, so as to ensure they can properly communicate both with you as the client as well as contractors, etc.

Our detailed Kitchen drawings cover everything from the base of the cabinetry, to the measurements of the inset of the panels, to the decorative lighting above, and everything in-between!  To give you an idea of what these drawings may look like, below is an example of a recent client’s detailed Kitchen design drawings:

Detailed plans are incredibly crucial! Fans of design and decorating shows on television have watched this happen so many times: a contractor or homeowner begins their project, and costly errors and issues on the project start popping up, whether it’s from a lack of planning or an unexpected discovery made during the renovation. Before you know it, that TV show project has dramatically over-run its cost by quite a lot. That may make for some good TV show drama, but we know it’s not really where you want to find yourself, now is it?

Good buyers/remodelers know that using a designer to give them their design plans before putting hammer or nail to materials actually saves money in the long run. They get the design, layout, elevation drawings, as well as appliance, fixture and material selections (i.e. countertop and backsplash) ahead of time, so they know exactly what to expect throughout the project!

Here’s a sample of one of our Kitchen and Breakfast Elevation drawings:

As you can see, we are very detailed when it comes to creating your project-specific drawings. We make sure to cover every single detail from the very start of any project all the way to the big reveal, thus leaving the smallest possible margin for error.

Here is a look at one of our bathroom designs:

When your interior designer is also an interior architect, her or his experience with building and renovation from the “bones” out can save you some MAJOR money. Paying upfront for pre-planning, knowledge, and experience may seem pricey at first, but only one major mistake (or troublesome situation behind those walls!) can set your project budget back by thousands!

When you have an interior architect for a designer, his or her experience and knowledge of the building and remodeling process means that s/he can anticipate problems or plan ahead for trouble. If you do happen to run into that dramatic discovery behind a wall, an experienced interior architect will know how best to cope and keep those dreaded extra cost over-runs to a minimum and work with the contractors to find the very best solution.

Here are some additional examples of drawings showing various tile layouts and locations for a client’s various bathroom showers:

Just know we are here to help. We want to give you Every Day access to Amazing Design! Please let us know if can offer assistance with your remodeling projects!

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