Fabulous interior design does not happen overnight. From space planning and furniture procurement to selecting fixtures and finishes, the interior design process is an artful blending of many different aspects that come together in the end to create a fabulously unique design. While every aspect of the design is important to the overall aesthetic, it always comes down to the last details to really bring a room together.

It’s for this reason, that I take great care to add the perfect finishing touches to my classically current designs, and tabletops and other surfaces make the perfect opportunities to get creative with even the smallest details!

Classic Interior Living Room

Here are some of my favorite ways to create stylish counters and tabletops with a variety of simple accessorizes.

Fresh Blooms

Never underestimate the ability of fresh flowers to bring a room’s design together in a powerful way! Flowers and greenery are often the last pieces added to the interior design puzzle and there are a plenty of creative ways to work them into the design of a room.

If I am adding the finishes touches to a monochromatic palette, I will often incorporate a bouquet of brightly colored petals into the design. After all, it is very hard for me to fully commit to a completely neutral palette.

Stylish Bathroom

For designs that already feature a satisfactory amount of color, bouquets of white blooms and greenery are the perfect side table addition to bring an element of natural elegance to a room.

classic interior design

Tasteful Trays

Another favorite way to dress up tables or ottomans is to accessorize them with a unique tray that perfectly compliments the aesthetic of a room. In addition to making for a fab accessory, tray tops can also make additional tabletop accessories appear more organized and help reduce clutter.

This modern, lucite tray was the perfect addition to this contemporary living area and kept with the vibrant yellow palette brought out by the throw pillows featured on the sofa.

Modern Living Room Interior

Delicate, gold trays are a fab addition to consoles and tables to collect other items in an organized way and also a great way to showcase personal items.

Houston Interior

Accessorize with Personal Touches

Use the extra space afforded by side tables to accessorize with items that add elements of your personality to the room. Consider coffee table books that showcase your special interests or prominently display a unique piece you purchased on a vacation. These pieces make great conversational pieces when entertaining guests!

Classic InteriorClassic Interior Living RoomAdding creative touches to your surfaces raises the overall aesthetic of a room. These small details make a big impact on your interior so choose fun colors, textures, trays and personal collections to bring another layer of life to your home!




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