Let’s play a lightning round of Design Myth Busters, shall we?

Myth: Neutral colors create a drab interior design.

FALSE: While I LOVE a healthy dose of color in my designs, neutral tones can create inviting, cozy and serene interiors and have the ability to create retreat-like spaces in your home.

One of my favorite things about neutrals, aside from the soft and warm environments they create, is the way they allow other design elements – like texture and pattern – to take center stage. Read on to discover the benefits of going “au-neutural” in your color palette!



I base all of my interiors on a Classically Current design philosophy and am a firm believer in creating designs that transcend trends and fads.

Yes, opting for an en vogue sofa or dining table can make a fashion-forward statement, but an investment in such a piece can run the risk of it going out of style as quickly as it came in.

On the other hand, neutral hues are more likely to stand the test of time, so creating a foundation of natural tones is a safe bet that your home will be at the height of style for years to come.


For this design, we kept the color palette cream and white, with added hues of ash-blue and raw umber brown. Tan accents are sprinkled throughout, and a dark espresso frame on the bed is a lovely contrast. No single piece demands all of the attention, and the entire space blends into one seamless design.


When bright colors are absent from an interior design, it is all about the details!


In the image above the unique cabinets and the intricate backsplash are standouts because there isn’t a ton of color to distract you. The signature red of the Wolf cooktop is really the only color in the space! Lighting of the glass-front cabinet interiors allows the opportunity to inject a bit of changeable color over time as the homeowner collects her favorite china patterns.


In this Hollywood Hills home (above) the 1920s original wooden beams are allowed to make the statement in the room. The airy architecture of this special home is the main player and is only enhanced through the soft drapery, clean lined and quite upholstery, and the neutral grounding area rug. If not for the fun leather chairs from Palecek, we would have an all-white room!

To read more about all-white interiors, head over to one of my previous posts, Wow with White!

 ‘Tis the Season for Neutral

When it comes to changing seasons, your wardrobe often changes with it: brighter colors in spring and summer, and deeper colors in the fall and winter. Why not treat your home with the same “wardrobe” change? With a neutral foundation, freshening up a home as seasons change is simple. Add velvet or mohair pillows and a jewel toned cashmere throw, and you are ready for Winter! Swap these few pieces for poppy colors in a light linen, and you are instantly channeling Spring.


For the interior design above, we kept the main components (sofa, ottoman, walls and drapery) neutral and added bright pillows for accents to create a home ready for spring and summer!


Similar to the previous example, the large pieces (sofa, table, lounge chair, rug) keep the classic, cream foundation while the navy pillows add a homey element, ideal for those winter nights.

So, if you’re worried your white walls and cream sofa scream “boring,” I hope I have dispelled this all-too-common myth. I would love to see how you take these ideas and change your mindset to think of a “dull” room as a beautiful canvas! For more style inspiration, head over to my Instagram and Pinterest pages.




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