I have noticed that more and more floor plans include a home office or study. In fact, home offices now seem to come standard in the majority of new homes- great news for remote workers and entrepreneurs like myself. It’s even better news for an interior designer who LOVES arranging a new space for fab and functional efficiency (me, again!).

A desk, plenty of shelving and extra storage are no-brainers when designing a study, but creating a space that ignites inspiration and enthusiasm takes lots of planning. Blending business necessities with a homey influence can get tricky since most pieces have either the style of a home or of an office. While the challenge can be difficult, it’s definitely not impossible!

Here are my tips to turning a home office into a practical and personalized workspace.


Put a Spotlight on Lighting

The most essential component in a home office is lighting. Without efficient lighting, a dark room can strain the eyes and cause headaches, making it difficult to get any work done. Although I love my pendant lighting and fixtures, natural light will always beat the latter in a study. Natural light increases work performance, which makes it the preferred option in a study- I just love all the windows in the photo below!


The blue Julian Chichester lounge chairs against the open window panes make for a perfect seating area in a home office for meetings, discussions and, when time allows, relaxation. A unique chandelier or pendant adds character and makes a statement. This Jonathan Adler sputnik-style chandelier is a striking and eccentric approach that I absolutely love.


The warm glow from the chandelier highlights the mahogany Bolier writing desk and makes the aubergine lacquer on the millwork and shelving pop. Fab all around!

Incorporating classic white pieces throughout a room can also make a study feel bright. Similar to designing a small space, white illuminates a room and helps create the illusion that an area has more space than in reality. Light bounces off white-trust me- it’s science!



Having efficient lighting in a study is key to its functionality, and taking these tips into account will help your overall work production and process. In the office above, we seamlessly incorporated lighting beneath the cabinets for all important desktop tasks.

Make it YOURS

While designing the interiors of the Ohorona24.in.ua office, I made sure to incorporate colors and pieces that I knew would spark creativity for our team and reflect the personality of me and the firm. I’m still head-over-heels about my blush walls!

Without personalization and quirky knick knacks, a study can quickly turn into a muted, lackluster space. Your study should have all of your charm and personality. Place yourself in a fun environment, and you can expect a truly creative surrounding.


In the example above, the combination of classic office essentials and fab accessories blend into one awesome Classically Current design. Inspired by a traditional office, we included the wooden desk, a brass desk lamp and faux mounted taxidermy, while the navy blue behind the shelves and a fun wallpaper above the knee-space create a layered backdrop for personal collections.


Lately, the office has obsessed over the sage-green and clay-pink combo (see here), and I love how it works in this home office! Personalizing a study can be as simple as selecting your favorite color combo, and this office does just that.

Start with the essentials to create a functional and practical home office, and then incorporate unique pieces and colors to make the space unique to you. Be careful, though, when you work in a room as fab as these, you may just want to work there non-stop! For more design inspiration, head over to my Pinterest and Instagram!



Ohorona24.in.uamansky is a story-teller at heart. Her unique perspective and tailored design process empower her to create singular interiors for clients all over the world.

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