The Team kicked off the month of August in the lively city of Las Vegas! A couple of weeks ago we jetted off to Sin City and the Summer 2017 Las Vegas Market. Over the course of 2 days, we soaked up all the inspiration we could handle from our favorite design houses showcased at the World Market Center. We also hit up the fabulous hotels, bars, and restaurants for a healthy dose of design inspiration. Super excited to share all our biggest discoveries and noteworthy finds from the city that never sleeps!

Our first full day in Vegas was no doubt a busy one. We began the day at our fab hotel, the . *Side note – this hotel was unique in that it consisted of two neighboring towers with totally different design intents courtesy Phillipe Starck: The World Tower and the Story Tower. The first night we stayed in the Story Tower, which had an industrial, minimalist vibe, and turned out to NOT be our cup of tea. Maybe we are too posh these days for the bright yellow bath tile and the mirror on the ceiling? Anyhoo… the following nights we switched it up to the World Tower – which was light, bright, sophisticated and more our speed! It was really fun to see the stark (pun intended) difference between the two. back to Las Vegas Market! Day One was full of exploring the many showrooms, mingling with fellow designers, vendors, friends…and gardens! So to start the day we headed off to our first stops: , , and Currey & Company is always a good place to start and they are a go to our ours for interesting fixtures. It was great seeing what they have in store for us in the upcoming season. Jamie Young Co. is a great source for gorgeous lamps, their designs have a very natural, airy feel to them which we love. Their new Atmosphere and Corset Table Lamp definitely caught my eye!

Next on the list was , they had a fantastic showroom and we found some great finds here! My faves being the and , both with deep seats and sleek cutouts. The entire collection vibed mid-century with a nod to cleaner contemporary. I loved their emphasis on structured pieces fused with natural hues of neutrals, olives, and gold.

Four Hands Mid-Century inspired chair with sleek cut outs from Las Vegas Market

This Earl Occasional Chair has the perfect combo of Modern &Vintage!

Four Hands - Gary Club Chair. It has Mid Century, contemporary details covered in an olive velvet upholstery

The Gary Club Chair is handsome and architectural. Love!

Next up! We headed over to to check out all of their natural wonders. Their aesthetic has been perfect for our projects lately and I just love the use of natural colors and materials in their designs. The Team had a blast testing out all of their ottomans and stools while roaming through the showroom. Our faves, you ask? Well, the definitely caught our eye! The honey brown color is nice for any season and the metal frame is super durable for swiveling 360 degrees.

How adorable is our very own Blair Foster (Interior Lead) testing out one of our faves!

How adorable is our very own Blair Foster (Interior Lead) testing out one of our faves!

From there we took a peek at some fabulous kitchenware at and . Both showrooms had some great finds ranging from natural, geometric wooden dishes at Ink Dish to these bold, geo-printed serving trays at Post Studio – we’re going to have a fun time including these in our project designs!

these serving trays from Post Studio are EVERYTHING

*insert heart eyes* these serving trays from Post Studio are EVERYTHING

To end our day we HAD to drop in on ! His artwork is so unique – using nature itself to create masterpieces. He pulls inspiration and his materials from the earth, using organisms, ocean life, and natural/ fossilized elements to create his pieces. It’s pure genius and a definite statement piece! Let’s just say..we became a little obsessed while attending his showroom. His mosaics were beautiful, especially the and , which will be finding a home in our studio very soon!

 Aesthetica Sphere from Pheromone by Christopher Marley

Egg mosaic from Pheromone by Christopher Marley

Rounding out the evening…

After an eventful day at Las Vegas Market, we got a little dolled up and hit the VIP Designer Summer Soiree – hosted by . The Luxe Garden Party was held at the gorgeous and was decorated with vibrant colors and tons of florals! It was a great way to end a busy day at Market! Here we mixed n’ mingled with all our fellow designers decked out in our floral best!

Check out my favorite shots from the Garden Party and BIG thanks to Luxe and Wynn Hotel for putting on such a fantastic event!

A glimpse at the decor, this caracal was made entirely out of pretty!

A glimpse at the decor, this caracal was made entirely out of pretty!

Loved catching up with LuAnn Nigara! Author and founder of the Podcast, Well-Designed Business

Loved catching up with ! Author and founder of the Podcast,

 Look who Letecia ran into! The uber talented, Benjamin Johnston of Benjamin Johnston Designs! Look who Letecia ran into! The uber talented,  of !

Yours truly, with the amazing design team at the Luxe Garden Party!

Yours truly, with the amazing design team at the Luxe Garden Party!

Such a great time! But by now we’re STARVING, so we head out to for dinner…and the best Pinot Noir on the planet! (excuse me while I reminisce…) To top off the fantastic meal, SW had this grand nightly show on the Lake of Dreams! And I’ll tell you, there’s nothing quite like eating a lovely meal while watching a giant frog puppet sing “What a Wonderful World (the Louis Armstrong version..of course) to wrap up a busy day. Gotta love Vegas!

Ready for more? Check out our Las Vegas Market Recap: Day 2!


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