Gone are the days of gas stove tops and ovens and fridges with basic functions. Whether it’s in your car, on your wrist or in your home, technology is everywhere these days helping to make your life easier and more manageable. And your kitchen is no exception. 

It’s 2018 so having a modern, high-tech kitchen is a must. Voice command fridges and electric stove tops are just two of the many new trends popping up these days. So today we are breaking down some of our go-to appliances for a modern kitchen.

Our go-to appliances for the modern kitchen


Our clients love these bold ! It’s the perfect mix of modern technology with a bit of retro flair. The fridge has a Temperature Management System and Automatic Moisture Control which keeps food crisp and fresh. They come in lots of fun colors and make a cool statement in the kitchen. The super cute design is perfect for a quirky kitchen or beach home.

Our go-to appliances for the modern kitchen

Vent Hoods

Vent hoods help keep your kitchen free of smoke, odors, and heat. But just because it’s practical doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. A vent hood that matched your stove gives your kitchen a super sleek look. In this kitchen, we selected a sloped wall mount range hood. We used a brushed stainless steel finish on the canopy and a mirror-polished stainless steel finish on the accents.

Our go-to appliances for the modern kitchen

To create a more contrasting look in this kitchen, we used a brass vent hood and oven. It’s a bold and modern color combination that definitely catches your eye. And we love the unique, easy to open cabinet style doors – they’re stunning!

Our go-to appliances for the modern kitchen

But a lacquered vent hood also work beautifully, especially when it’s the same color as your wall. This style makes the vent hood appear to blend into the wall for a very chic and sophisticated statement.

What To Choose?

So with all the styles and features available on kitchen appliances these days, how do you keep track of everything? How do you know what’s best for you? We decided to go to the source and get some tips from Alexandra Skobel, Designer Engagement Leader – Central Region, for . Monogram Appliances is an industry leader that brings together performance and beauty in their appliances.

Our go-to appliances for the modern kitchen

“Their products are fully integrated into the kitchen not only from a design perspective but also from a technology standpoint. You don’t have to be frustrated with your refrigerator sticking out anymore because they are installed flush with your cabinetry for a perfectly seamless look. They also have a great  that offers ideas and tips on how to design and layout your kitchen. I love the modern and contemporary style kitchen that uses clean lines and bold contrast. Open shelves, frameless cabinetry, and textured tile backsplash are a few of my kitchen design favorites.

Their appliances also have the ability to remotely connect with Google Home and Amazon Echo via Wifi. That means that you can control your Monogram Appliances with an app – now that’s convenient!”

It’s amazing to see all the new and modern technologies available for kitchen appliances. Thank you so much for your insight Alex!

The connectivity is one of the many reasons why I love Monogram Appliances and I’m so excited that we will be installing the , as well as the  in my kitchen. And you know I will definitely be using the app to connect all my appliances! I can’t wait to show you all the appliances once they’re installed.

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