The final stretch of 2016 has arrived and New Year’s Eve celebrations are right around the corner! So, before we begin the new adventures of 2017, and as a nod to the glitz and glam of the holiday season, let’s take a look back at some of the glamorous metallic pieces that have made their way into our designs.

Read on to see how my team and I have blended gold, silver, brass, nickel and copper into our client’s designs in both big and small ways. If an interior design makeover is on your list of 2017 resolutions – prepare to be inspired!


Stylish Surfaces

Whether it’s a statement coffee table, petite nightstand or something in-between, adding a touch of metallic shimmer to an interior is nearly always a good idea. The great part is there are so many varieties in finish and design, so let the exploring begin!

interior-design-inspirationFor this particular install, my team and I decided on this lovely Treviso Chest from Brownstone to add a pop of classically current style against the purple wallcovering. This chest has a bold, German silver finish, of which I just can’t get enough!


Similar to the example above, this Century Furniture chest adds a unique element and doubles as a nightstand in this bedroom. The mirror door chest reflects the light elements surrounding, which transforms a dark corner into an open and bright statement area. Additionally, take note of the Robert Allen Energy Shift Zinc lumbar pillow- I LOVE the geometrics!


This recent install (above) really had me falling head over heels with antique brass, and, to be honest, it kind of sparked this blog to begin with! The Century Furniture brass lamp table plays a key role in this design. The brass finish pulls the gold highlights from the area rug and truly anchors the space.


Last, but certainly not least, on the subject of stylish surfaces, this Figaro coffee table by Mr. Brown also has an incredible antique brass finish. I’ve recently turned into a fan of bold and “contrasty” designs since High Point Market, and this piece really balances the deep blue sofa.


 Moving from surfaces, let’s touch on some fab, metallic-inspired chandeliers and pendants that really brighten up a room. First, a snapshot into my dining room!


Like I mentioned, I’m loving the bold and contrasting designs and, the way the polished brass on this vintage chandelier by Sonneman pops against my noir-colored wall just makes me so happy!


Moving to a contemporary design, these bulbous copper-finished Tom Dixon pendants seriously stand out amongst the all-white interior. See a previous post of mine that covers how to “Wow With White!”

There’s no rule on how many pendants should occupy a single space, and I love how these pieces are nestled so closely together.


For my last example, I wanted to showcase this design featuring three striking Worlds Away pendants. The space just wouldn’t be as warm and inviting without them!

So, as 2016 wraps up, I hope these designs have inspired you to consider splashing in some brass and copper metallics throughout your home and finish the year with a bang (or pop) of metallic. For more finds, follow me on Pinterest and Instagram.


Author is a story-teller at heart. Her unique perspective and tailored design process empower her to create singular interiors for clients all over the world.

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