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Farmhouse-style homes were originally created to meet the needs of families who lived where they worked – on their farms. Today, farmhouse style includes timeless features that complement any modern day home with its practicality and simple décor.

Here are five ways to achieve farmhouse style.

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Enhance Structural Elements with Exposed Beams

Make an entrance with exposed beams. While many home owners often opt to hide the structural elements of their home, they’re missing out on stunning architectural details. draw your eyes upward, creating the illusion of a wide, open floorplan thanks to the vertical and horizontal beams. Kitchens and bathrooms are two rooms where you can incorporate exposed beams into your home. If you’re looking to achieve a more modern, farmhouse-style, break up the ceiling by painting a primary color on your beams to add depth, texture and dimension.

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Embrace Rustic Finishes

Incorporate rustic finishes throughout your home to achieve a lived-in look. Depending on what room you’re decorating, you can add an abundance of statement pieces that exhibit your flair for country-chic decor. In the living room, add an antique chandelier or paint distressed shutters for a striking mantle display. In the bedroom, repurpose furniture by creating a headboard from ragged doors or old window frames. The beauty of farmhouse-style is that it’s multifaceted, complementing a wide array of interior design styles without losing any country charm.

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Combine Function and Style in the Kitchen

It’s often said that the kitchen is the heart of a home. Add a butcher block or to incorporate two functional farmhouse-style elements into your home décor. Originally used for heavy-duty washing and cleaning, this deep, wide sink remains popular among households. Add a white ceramic or stainless steel bowl sink to balance to this traditional style. Another element you can add to your kitchen is a butcher block. The soft wooden block contrasts beautifully against white cabinetry, providing function and style at its finest.

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Go Bright with White

Crisp white walls are a farmhouse staple as they create an airy, bright room. If you’re looking to extend white finishes beyond the walls, look to the kitchen, bathroom and living room. In the kitchen, install white shaker-style cabinetry for a simple, traditional farmhouse look. Take this style even further by opting for open shelves to add character to your storage space. For a simple DIY project, opt to create a weathered, white-stained coffee table. Place magazines, candles or funky coasters on top for a practical display. In the bathroom, consider installing a . This unique design lends an authentic touch to farmhouse décor.

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Wow with Wood

Bring the outside elements inside with wooden finishes, such as wood paneling, hardwood flooring or hand-crafted furniture. is a common farmhouse-style trend that looks especially stunning when painted white. To combine warmth with natural elements, play up this traditional feature by painting individual panels with swatches of light blue and gray for an eclectic twist. Depending on where you incorporate wooden accents throughout in your home, make sure to include neutral elements, such as blue, green or beige color palettes to highlight your farmhouse decor.

While farmhouse-style is often associated with wraparound porches, mason jars and plaid décor, break free of stereotypes by integrating rustic undertones throughout your home. Whether you’re looking to renovate or redecorate, embrace practicality and traditional décor through natural elements, wide open spaces and rustic finishes. If you’re feeling inspired, check out Zillow Digs® for more creative ideas.



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